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5 Replies to “Clare M Lopez on Iran, 911, and the hidden imam”

  1. The 12th Imam will show up in Mecca? The Saudis would probably lock up anyone claiming to be the 12th Imam anyway. They don’t like Iran very much right now and certainly don’t want them to have more influence in the arab world.

  2. jjk999, that is why the Iranians have been sending people into the Gulf states to foment trouble, they want Saudi to be too distracted or possibly to involved in a civil war to interfere with the supposed 12th imam. Having said that, if the Saudi leaders see an advantage to letting the Madhi appear in Mecca and leave they might stand aside. The Moslems are from a different culture and as Claire said they don’t think the same way we do, if we study them we can get into their minds and understand them but never make the major mistake of thinking they are thinking the same way we are, or that they have the same goals we have.

  3. Thanks Eeyore, this explains a lot. This one and the Team B press conference were great, I love it when intelligence professionals agree with what I have been saying for years.

  4. The Supreme Wacko (I mean Leader) of Iran has been predicting that the Madhi is soon to arrive. No doubt he and his fellow dictators in Iran have been raising entire platoons of “Madhis” for over three decades and will unveil this “paragon of Islam” to the world as the 12th imam.

    Its just like the movie, The Boys From Brazil where escaped Nazis were raising mini-Hitlers.

    Too bad this may not be fiction but real life.

    Where are the leaders in the west who have cojones of steel like Churchill, Charlemagne or better yet, Vlad Tepes had?

  5. They are being attacked by the lamestream press as being racist and are being told they don’t stand a chance of winning the next election.

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