1. Malays are idiots. They are mongoloid idiots. I am witht the Mongloid/Negroid alliance against jihad but the malays were universally looked down upon as complete morons by the more intelligent japanese, koreans, chinese etc whenever we had a meeting. I was always the only blonde at these events which often came up with suprisingly non pc means of dealing with the jihad. It is hard to believe but one of our proposals of marching with pigs was adopted by French Defence League. Go Frenchies!

  2. Malays can not even grow a proper beard and yet in their stupid arab love they claim to be descended from Arabs. They been conquered , converted and circumcised by arabs and they are proud of their slavery to their western masters. They love their white man, the prophet mohamamad. They are complete fools. We must pity them and not hate such ignorant people. Thankfully they are surrounded by more intelligent people like the chinese and indians who rule their economy and show them a better example. I believe the richest man in malaysia is someone from india who runs their airline, or is that old news. I think the richest guy in Malaysia now is some chinese guy. Anyway you get the idea it is definately not a malay.

  3. Sewage pipes from Malaysia is aid? Or is that just what they call the containers for those Astros II multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) they purchased from Brazil awhile back?

  4. I think that Saddam called the sections for the super cannon sewage pipes, I forget who the South African who designed and was building the cannon was but I do remember that they called the sections of barrel sewage pipes.

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