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5 Replies to “Newt Gingrich on Immigration”

  1. Newt is a full fledged member of the International ruling elite. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) just as Bush and Obama, or even McCain is. He is also a 33rd Degree Mason as well as an adherent to the Roman Universal Church (Catholicism). So yes, he is fully qualified to tow the line for the agenda for the New World Order while appearing to say all the “Right” things while covertly doing it. Sorry, but I’m not fooled by this guy for one minute.

  2. Once we regain control of our borders (something we can and must do) anytime an illegal alien is arrested they should be deported.

  3. The politicians talk about setting up a guest worker program to accommodate the illegal aliens, but we already have many guest worker programs. Illegals don’t apply for them because most want the ability to make their own arrangements with employers. Many offer to work for below the standard wage in exchange for being paid in cash and not paying FICA, benefits premiums, and income taxes. They also want freedom of movement, of course, so they can readily resign when they hear of better jobs elsewhere.
    Newt says we can’t deport millions of illegal aliens, but we can enforce workplace laws, and withdraw entitlement benefits to children of illegals. We can make a start by changing the law that now enable illegals to bear U.S. citizen children.
    I’d vote for Newt if I had to, but I’d be holding my nose.

  4. Newt and all the other political hacks who have been around forever should be kicked out of politics. They have contributed nothing of benefit to the American People. In fact, it’s because of Gingrich and his ilk that the US is in such a sorry state.
    This clown has no solutions for anything, certainly not illegal immigration, which eventually will turn his country into Mexico North.
    To fix the immigration mess, Americans must elect True Patriots to public office. Not career politicians, but people who passionately care about their country. Citizens who aren’t in it for the fame or money, but because they want the US to be for AMERICANS !
    Once those people are in place, stopping the influx of illegals could easily be achieved. Erect a physical and virtual fence on the US-Mexico border, station troops there, and replace corrupt border guards with REAL Americans…

  5. I know what you mean Paula, Newt is right on target on many issues but this one is not one of them. Still remember someone one who agrees with you on 80% of the issues isn’t an enemy, they are an 80% ally

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