Rio – School Tragedy

As the motive has been scrubbed from the English speaking media, I took the liberty of calling a Brazilian friend and asking them to check the Portuguese media from home and translate an article for me that says what took place, given that our own English speaking media has become criminally negligent, no not negligent, criminally deceitful when it comes to all matters Islam. Here is the translation and link below with special thanks to PC for doing the heavy lifting.

Rio – School Tragedy

07/04 @ 11h03

Wellington’s addopted sister says he was strange and had no friends.

Jornal do Brasil
RIO – In an interview to a local radio station in Rio de Janeiro, Rosilane Menezes, sister of the shooter of Realengo, affirmed that Wellington Menezes de Oliveira was adopted, was strange, reserved and with no friends.

She also said that her brother was mentally unstable and 8 months ago he had moved to her house in Realengo, on the west of Rio de Janeiro.

“He was very focused in things related to the Islam and had let his beard grow a lot. He was very strange, used to spend all day on the internet reading themes related to Islam, he was very strange and reserved”, she said.

Wellington left a letter with phrases that made no sense, but with fundamentalist characteristics, informed the officer Djalma Beltrame.

-He used to go on Islamic websites and used the internet to have access to things that wasn’t part of our people. He is crazy. Just a hallucinated person could do this to kids – affirmed the commandant, who said that the letter was handed to the Homicide Officer.

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7 Replies to “Rio – School Tragedy”

  1. Let me say: Brazilian media are not linking so much the shooter to Islam. In part because, like Europe and US, they are politically correct, and also because Islam isn´t very known in Brazil. Brazilian media are treating him like a mad.

  2. South America is about to learn more about Islam, a lot more, where there is one radical terrorists there are a lot more.

  3. Just give it time, many Latin American governments are getting cozy with various Islamists and Muslim governments, due to their dislike of the USA. Especially countries with strong Leftist/Communist type governments. I predict that it will not be long before that they will regret the open invitation that they have extended to some of these sub-human inbred mutants.

  4. You have that right Big Frank, the left is sucking up to the Moslems because they are fighting the US, and the left thinks they have found a new ally in the fight against freedom. What they need to do is to study the history of revolutions, after the revolutionaries win the first thing the leaders do is round up the true believers and kill them. In this case the Moslems will use the left to help defeat the West and then kill the leftist first. A fact the left should understand since they have done this many times, but are so arrogant they think no one will do it to them.

  5. Julio is right, and the guy was, indeed, muslim; he was surely crazy, religious fanatic (he once was Jeovah’s Testimony) and influenciable, BUT HE ONLY STARTED TO KILL AFTER HIS MUSLIM CONVERSION. That’s not a coincidence.

    (Yes, the infamous MSM is doing its predictable disgusting job.)

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