Glenn Beck and Center for Security Policy speak on sharia finance

Last Friday, Christopher Holton, the Center’s Vice-President for Administration, Marketing and Development and editor of participated in an hour-long segment on Glenn Beck’s Fox News program, along with Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum. Watch it here:

The main topic of discussion was shariah-complaint finance and the threat it poses to America and Western culture. Shariah compliant finance is the practice of ensuring that all monetary matters are in full compliance with the dictates of Islamic law. Some of these edicts, such as zakat, enable radical Islamists to wage financial jihad to the tune of $1 trillion dollars against the United States. A grave threat indeed. The show also touched on the scandal of the US government’s ownership of the largest provider of Shariah financial products, AIG.

For a very in-depth examination of the issues surrounding Shariah Compliant Finance, see David Yerushalmi’s 72-page paper for the Utah Law Review, Shariah’s Black Box: Civil Liability and Criminal Exposure Surrounding Shariah Compliant Finance. To keep up to date on these issues, follow Christopher Holton’s Shariah Finance Watch blog.

As you know, the Center had been a leader in identifying and exposing the threat Shariah poses to America. This past September, we released the best-seller Shariah: the Threat to America.

Chris’ appearance on Glenn Beck was merely the latest in a long-line of media appearances that the Center has engaged in to educate and articulate the Shariah threat. Thanks to your continued support we will continue in this mission to wage the war of ideas.

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2 Replies to “Glenn Beck and Center for Security Policy speak on sharia finance”

  1. I am glad that the stealth jihad is finally getting some major publicity, we must wake up and realize that we are in a war of survival if we are to maintain our freedom.

  2. I swelled with satisfaction and hope for millions being exposed to this valuable expose about the subversive tactic of shariah & Islamic doctrine applied to finance.

    I was, however, disappointed that Dr. Daniel Pipes did not mention significant points made in his review of Timur Koran’s book, “Islam & Mammon” which exposed shariah compliant finance as a recent FICTION, “written when Timur Koran was (ironically, given heavy Saudi backing for Islamic economics) the King Faisal Professor of Islamic Thought and Culture at the University of Southern California.” ” Kuran finds that Islamic economics does not go back to Muhammad but is an “invented tradition” that emerged in the 1940s in India. The notion of an economics discipline “that is distinctly and self-consciously Islamic is very new.” Even the most learned Muslims a century ago would have been dumbfounded by the term “Islamic economics.”
    see link:

    Unfortunately for the non-Islamic investors and partners in this charade – the awakening to the danger of shariah compliance may have to wait until an investment dispute is volleyed out of a US court with a judge of the same mind as that of Circuit Judge Richard Nielsen (you recall the one who ordered use of Islamic law in a Tampa lawsuit over mosque leadership ( and threw the case back for a ‘shariah compliant resolution’ . Why any infidel would consider shariah compliant finance a good investment is lost on me.

    Gives added weight to the old saying . . .there’s a sucker born every day.

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