Koranimals: Mindless drones acting in herd-like fashion in order to protect the honor of a dead warlord who founded a violent, destructive ideology called Islam, and whose followers have the nerve to call it the religion of peace. Being the thin skinned creatures that they are, koranimals are known to be highly supersensitive to any kind of criticism or believed offense, and will take to rioting, plundering and pillaging and other wanton acts of mayhem that can include beatings, rapings and murder, and all at the drop of a koran.

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  1. Actions like these are going to become more common as the Caliphate reforms, we are going to see many more atrocities by the Moslems and eventually the west is going to wake up and start fighting back. I know I keep saying the latter but it is coming, just not soon enough to suit us.

  2. This violence is utterly sickening, and the responsibility for the killings lies squarely on the shoulders of those who carried them out. Pastor Jones bears no responsibility. Still, with such grimness around us, it’s good to catch a laugh where and when we can, particularly at the expense of Islamo-fascists. The following picture taken of a UAF demonstrator in Blackburn today is beyond parody:

  3. They are only doing what the founder of their death cult told them to do.

    I really don’t understand why the Allies (for want of a better word) are still in this backwater desert country at all. Now it is OK to take out the Taliban, for they like the Nazis of the last century, want nothing more than world conquest, but really, what has this war really done to educate Afghanis about human rights or tolerance of other people?


    Around the world, millions of Muslims go apeshit over the burning of a book while in Muslim countries it is perfectly OK to destroy Bibles and other religious books.

    Fucking hypocrites and madmen, all of them.

    Its a book, people. Its incapable of feeling anything. Yet the Muslims want to destroy, maim and kill those who want to protest Islam and its utter contempt for human values by burning the things.

    Once a person becomes Muslim, all common sense, all human ethics go out the window and they become brain-dead Mullah-kissing zombies whose only true aim in life is to destroy the dar-al-habr by any means possible.

    Why, oh why doesn’t the west finally wake up to the fact that Muslims are not like the rest of the world. For the most part, they have no concept of self-reflection, no freedom of conscience and certainly no idea that other people have rights too.

    Time for a cleansing, if you ask me.

    And please get the west out of Muslim-occupied countries. And send Muslims back who want Islam to be the dominant ideology and sharia law in the free world.

    Oil or no oil, the west should let the backwater Muslim countries flounder and waste away. If they won’t behave like human beings, put a wall around their tiny-minded little states and let them rot. We can find other ways to power our civilization without kow-towing to these so-called “religious” people.

    I’m sure I’m not the only person who is getting sick and tired of hearing about this crap day in day out.

  4. Durotrigan I love the picture.

    RRWest the west is waking up, just slowly every time something like the Afghan riots happens more people wake up, and the leaders of the west (with the exception of Obama) are starting to realize that we are involved in a war of survival. The people who warned about the danger the Nazi’s were felt the same way we are feeling right now, the west survived that trial and we will survive this one.

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