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2 Replies to “CNN airing a program on Islam in the US tomorrow night.”

  1. “This promises to be interesting.”

    This is CNN. What is going to be interesting? The lengths they’ll go to in order to NOT mention a damned thing about Islam?

    Islam will be portrayed as the victim, as always. I, for one, won’t give them my time given the predictable “Muslims are victims” story they’re going to come out with.

  2. First let me say that I respect CNN and Soledad Obrien…I believe you tried to advance the topic regarding Muslims in America. Most of my friends and acquaintances would regard me as a flaming liberal; however, I found your program as very biased regarding the portrayal of Muslims in America as victims. There is nothing native about Islam to America…if people come here, there is an implicit willingness to accepts the principles and concepts of our Constitutional form of government…in my opinion Sharia Law and our Constitution is in direct conflict. All the goody two shoes of today who are promoting the acceptance and tolerance of Islam influences will be responsibile for a “Northern Ireland” type of problem in our country in the future.

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