Wikileaks, the Conspiracy Theorist, and the new anti-Semitic Myth of World Power

From The Westminster Journal

Last week WikiLeaks’ former “no. 2” Daniel Domscheit-Berg said that Julian Assange, the organization’s chairman, “sought out” Israel Shamir for collaboration. Shamir, A Russian Jew who converted to Christianity, is best known as an anti-Semitic/anti-Zionist conspiracy theorist, and author of numerous articles and several books in this genre. According to Domscheit-Berg, Assange had read Shamir’s works and found them “compelling.”

A statement on Shamir’s website claimed that he “is NOR [sic] a member, NEITHER an employee of Wikileaks: he is a freelance writer covering the Cablegate for the Russian media.” Cablegate, a play on the so-called “Irangate” scandal, refers to the leaking, and the subsequent Wikileaks’ publishing, of tens of thousands of classified US diplomatic cables.

In the abstract, Shamir seems a highly unlikely figure to seek out for collaboration on such a project. An anti-Zionist conference, held by MAUP in the Ukraine, was attended by Shamir, former KKK leader David Duke, and others in this field of study. Hardly surprising, Shamir is highly praised by David Duke, although he also has friends on the far-Left of the political spectrum, most notably… Read More.

4 Replies to “Wikileaks, the Conspiracy Theorist, and the new anti-Semitic Myth of World Power”

  1. Given the way anti-Semitism is becoming politically correct way too many people are going to believe this bull.

  2. Is Alan Der Showitz still going to defend Wikileaks in court? The irony is that Israel is one of the few countries which wikileaks was void of any damaging secrets. So far.

  3. Bit of misinformation: “although he also has friends on the far-Left of the political spectrum”. The KKK’s David Duke are Collectivists, as in racists, and therefore associates of the Left. This false distinction of far-Left from every other part of the Left is ludicrous except that it fills the bill for incrementalism, another Leftist tactic.

  4. A creature that converts to Christianity from Judaism just to hate Jews, and himself, more, but retains his Jewish name, Israel, is a truly f#cked up being! Why did he not become a mozlem? Does he like the idea of the cannibalistic mass, the eating of Christ the Jew’s flesh and drinking his blood? Please don’t anyone tell me that is symbolic, because I will want to know: symbolic of what?
    There are more vile people in reality than anyone could make up. These guys belong to the same genus as Ahmadinejad, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mugabe.

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