1. Thanks for bringing this news to us as we certainly can’t rely on the MSM who appear to have switched off at a key time (coincidentally at the point that everything they denied would happen is actually happening).

    Also, what on earth are they shooting at? An APC that can drive through the wall as we saw in the image is under no threat whatsoever from from men with stones. Bear in mind we saw no response of this nature in Tahrir square once the army moved.

    It would seem it has begun

  2. Obama finds himself up to his ass in alligators when he wanted to drain the swamps. We might as well get out of the Middle-East and stand in line to beg for oil from the speculators. we will save money, not to mention blood, by total withdrawl of our military from all these “foreign entanglements”, and that includes Europe and Korea.

  3. We need to utilize our own natural resources and thereby withdraw from all engagement with the Muslim world, and Venezuela, too. At the first sign that we are doing this, I believe the price of oil will come down. If we don’t do this, future historians will point out the major error we made in remaining dependent on foreign countries that hate us.

  4. Agreed Paula! Columbus discovered America for similar reasons, didn’t he? The Muslims were blockading the Mediterranean access to the Far East so they had to find another way to get there. It would be a good thing if the West stopped being dependent on oil from these same hostile Muslims of today. Nothing much has changed; they hated us then, and they hate us today. The Quran hasn’t changed either, by the way. The thing is, that not everything is self-correcting via the Marketplace: some things require actual government intervention. It is likely that the only way to free ourselves from dependence on hostile countries for energies is for our own governments to set the path, make the laws, and make it so. This is a job for Big Government and they don’t seem to be into it.

  5. This is an example one of the Islamic pogroms against Christians in the middle east against the Assyrians, Coptics, Chaldean. It’s sickening to realizing that we are just wanting for a massacre which (will) happen. It’s a horrible state of affairs in that region, This is a daily piece of news that goes unreported. The murder, rape, assaults, and forced conversions of non-muslims.

  6. oldguy

    Withdrawal of our forces from Muslim nations will mean that the only dog we have in the fight will be taken out.

    I see Muslims in the West as an enemy occupation force. We withdraw from Muslim nations only if the enemy forces withdraw from the West.

  7. Wherever Muslims go, this happens.

    Wait for it to happen in Europe (that is, outside of Kosovo, where this sort of thing has already happened to scores of ancient churches and Romaneque cathedrals) and everywhere that Muslims settle.

    Islam is a replacement “theology”, which seeks to obliterate any trace of the cultures that it conquers in favour of Arab supremacy.

    Already the followers of Islam are convincing church leaders all over the west to allow them to worship in churches consecrated to other faiths. Instead of bulldozing them, they will just take over by sheer numbers.

    They are also asking and demanding that cemetery officials move graves to accommodate Muslim sensibilities. They also demand their own burial areas, far from Jewish graves.

    Wherever Muslims go, this happens.

    This is but the tip of the iceberg and we must nip it in the bud if we are to salvage our culture from invasion by stealth.

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