10 Replies to “BBC, Warsi, Peter Hitchens the big question.”

  1. I have no toelrance to liberalism, especially British liberalism. I believe that all british subjects MUST be denied the right to leave their pathetic island unless they possess a VISA.

    I do not want them to spread their mindless “reverse nazism” to other countries.

    I boycott buying any product made in the UK. It is easy because I do not know what they produce besides that social disease known as liberalism and muslims and politicians.

    Can anyone please tell me what goods or materials come from that pathetic place?

  2. One thing we have here Mister ‘Infidel Guy’, is the EDL. Heard of them? You’ll be needing to copy their example soon enough.

  3. I should add that the media in the UK are masters at filling studios with stupid dhimmis to misrepresent public opinion, so the impression given by the program here is entirely false.

  4. Chervil the MSM is the same here in the states, the net and the independent media is the only way the truth is going to be spread, which is why so many governments want to take control of the net.

  5. Richard and Chervil are correct.

    The media is the enemy and the dummies who love this cult of personality area part of it.

    This jewboy who fears exremist jews, blablabla, I have no idea what this freak is talking about.

    But I doubt that the EDL is so strong. I hope so. I really do. But until we know they are, I do not want that lib brit mind from infecting North America. We have enough leftwing freak liars.

  6. Infidel Guy

    The cult of multiculturalism arose from the US to subvert Europe from ever becoming a world power.

    The opposition to MC/Islam, is coming not from the US or Canada, which is deep in the MC/Islam cesspit anyway, but from Europe. The EDL has gone one step further then just resisting Islamisation. How goes it in Canada?

  7. DP111 I don’t know where it arose, I do know that the left has been using it to attack the entire west, they want a one world government. As for the US not wanting Europe to be a world power, we would love to have another major world power that shared our ideals of democracy and freedom. One of the big complaints on the right in the US is that Europe has been getting a free ride on defense, spending very little and expecting us to protect them. The only people who are afraid of Europe becoming a world power is the left, because they know the only way that will happen is if the individual nations start rebuilding their militarizes, something the left fears.

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