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2 Replies to “Uncomfortable demography.”

  1. This is a valid point. In my extended family 5 members work in various phases of social services in the US. They can affirm the fact that the Muslim community have no problem with having many offspring, especially when we the fools that we are pay all of the bills.

  2. Yes it is a very valid point, and what he didn’t add into the mix is the fact that people are aborting their “unwanted” meaning unplanned kids, not all of them but a large number are doing this. This by the way is the reason that the US is going more conservative, the liberals abort many more kids and don’t raise as many to become new liberals.

    What isn’t mentioned in this video is the way the inbreeding among the Moslem families is causing so many birth defects. Being cold blooded about the matter this is a demographic that is working on our side, the more Moslems with birth defects the more Moslem babies with birth defects. This will mean that a certain percentage of those will not be able to go on jihad against us. I seem to remember reading that if we can hang on as a free nation until 2050 the demographics are going to shift in our favor.

    Of course this is all based on the idea that nothing is going to happen to change what is currently happening. With what is happening in Egypt and Jordan I don’t think the uneasy peace will last out this year.

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