Nigeria: Islamist Group Threatens Uprising

STRATFOR: February 2, 2011

Boko Haram, a Nigerian Islamist group, posted posters around the city of Maiduguri threatening war and telling civilians to stay away from politicians and security forces, Reuters reported Feb. 2. The poster said that attacks have been carried out in the name of Allah to liberate the group and the religion of Islam from the “infidels” in the Nigerian government. The group claimed the Jan. 28 killing of gubernatorial candidate Modu Fannami Gubio. The posters said that the Nigerian security agents that have been deployed to guard churches are the same security agents mistreating Muslims and that the current government should be replaced by an Islamic government.

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3 Replies to “Nigeria: Islamist Group Threatens Uprising”

  1. The Moslem Brotherhood is one the move, they see an extremely good chance to re-create the Caliphate and are going for it. We can expect to see many more attacks like this and many more Moslem nations falling to the new Caliphate.

    The big question is will they attack Israel before or after the Caliphate is reformed? I ask this in a different discussion thread and the answer was after, this is probably correct but they may not wait for the full reformation, they may decide to attack after Saudi falls to them. Look for Jordan, Saudi, Yemen, Oman and the Trucial States to become places of massive unrest real soon. It has already started in Jordan.

  2. Richard, I agree with you, it won’t be long when the sh## hits the fan. This is no accident the brotherhood senses the no balls attitude, constant weakness, and unwillingness of our ‘Dear Leaders’ regime to make any bold moves. This totally inept approach will lead to an era of disruptions and violent actions by the fanatical Islamists on so many fronts that the outcome will be disastrous and catastrophic.

  3. You got that right, the event is going to happen we can all see that, the timing is what is hard to call but it is getting closer to happening. Keep your musket clean and your powder dry.

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