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4 Replies to “Here is a cancer that will metastasize. Calls for a caliphate in Tunisia.”

  1. It is not just Tunisia that is facing this cancer, the Moslem Brotherhood is calling for another popular rebellion in Egypt and I think they are the group behind the movement for an Islamic government in Albania. If/when Tunisia, Egypt and Albania fall expect the rest of the North African nations to fall as well as the various nations making up the former Yugoslavia and possibly part of Hungry and Slovakia. All of the European nations won’t fall this year but most of the African ones probably will. Things are reaching the point where history is going to start moving quickly, so fast in fact most of us are going to get dizzy trying to keep up.

  2. Tunisia only has tourism, when these islamists take over it will have no revenue and will be holding its hands out to the west. 1 hand wanting money the other on the detonator.

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