This is worth invstigating. Obama and his assistance with Zakat.

There is more to this than meets the eye. Of course, Obama could actually be saying that he is trying to create a new, ‘99% terror free’ form of Zakat. But whatever the case, this bears more investigation.

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7 Replies to “This is worth invstigating. Obama and his assistance with Zakat.”

  1. We know that Obama can’t claim ignorance of this fact because of his training in Indonesia. Some people are convenience that Obama is actively working to damage the US, and do as much damage as is possible. This seems to be another example of his working to damage us.

  2. Yes. Hair raising. Scandalous.

    Totally ignored by the enemedia.
    They could have destroyed him over this, instead they support it.

    All of them, and I mean all of ’em should be put up against a wall……

  3. With each passing week, there is more evidence growing to suggest that the President of the United States is a Muslim practicing taqiyya and kitman on a mainly unsuspecting US electorate and the world.

    He never left Islam. Leaving Islam means that he is under a death fatwa. The fact that he is alive suggests that his current practices, whatever they appear to be, are in fact a cover-up for his Muslim faith.

    He never left Islam. He never changed his Muslim name back to his birth name. That alone should tell you something about how he values the west.

    He never left Islam. Most of his pronouncements on Muslim affairs have run counter to what the leader of the free world should do: condemn terrorism, condemn the anti-Semitism and bigotry against other religions in Islam and condemn the terrorist roots of that psychopathic ideology.

  4. He is definitely a menace to the US and freedom, while he is much more Moslem then Christian he is still more Marxist then either of the two recognized religions. I really can’t understand how anyone can read his supposed autobiography and not understand that he hates the US and freedom for anyone besides the leftist elite.

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