Europe no longer marks meat as halal, ending all the gains by animal rights groups.

Yet the leftists still support Islam and Muslims over all else. Islam is inherently anti women’s rights, antisemitic (No stupid word games please we all know what this means) anti homosexual in a big way (unless of course it is with children) and clearly anti animal rights yet the left, which claims the victories on all these subjects, still supports Islam.

Europeans must demand the right to know if the meat they are buying was killed and processed in accordance with Western humane methods. They must demand it to governments, the respective agencies and the stores that sell the meat.

From The Hudson Inst. NYC:

(H/T A Millar)

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3 Replies to “Europe no longer marks meat as halal, ending all the gains by animal rights groups.”

  1. A young bloke who works at an abattoir explained to me that he was told the prayer of dedication has to be said before the blood is spilled. When the animal is stunned blood can be spilled inside the skull so that meat would be deemed not halal. The person saying the prayer when first blood is spilt is paid about $2/beast.

    Personally, I won’t buy anything labelled “halal” on principal. Someone’s making money out of this ritual and I don’t want to contribute to their coffers.

  2. “Muslims have the right to choose halal foods”

    errr, not in civilised countries they don’t. There should be no exemptions for this barbaric practice.

  3. This is just horrible. According to some cruelty to animals pleases God. Halal and quite frankly kosher meat have no place in a civilized society. Different name, same shit. Gosh I hate this stuff.

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