STRATFOR: Nigeria arrests over 90 Muslims for obeying Islam

Of course, that was not Stratfor‘s headline, that is mine.

Nigeria: Police Arrest Suspected Boko Haram Members
December 31, 2010
Ninety-two suspected members of the radical Islamist sect Boko Haram have been arrested in Nigeria, Reuters reported Dec. 31. Nigerian police said the group was responsible for at least 16 deaths in three recent attacks in Maidururi, the capital of Nigeria’s Borno state. The group’s financiers were among those arrested, a police spokesman said. The detainees have been taken to Abuja for interrogation and prosecution.

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5 Replies to “STRATFOR: Nigeria arrests over 90 Muslims for obeying Islam”

  1. In the early eighties there was a massacre in, I think it was Hama, Syria, in response to a Muslim Brotherhood attempt on the President’s life. I’ve never seen a single photograph; they have largely ‘disappeared’ this whole incident. The victims (numbers vary-lots) were Muslim Brotherhood and Holey-moley, do they play rough. The point I’m making is an expansion on what Richard is saying about how they do things over there. The Arabs are an unbelievably cruel and ruthless people. Sad to say, but it’s just a fact. They got medieval on the asses of thousands of people in Hama. I’m talkin’ Medieval.
    **Oh, and Happy New Year Richard and Eeyore and arabconqueredpersian and that Muslim woman from South Africa and RRWest and…others.

  2. Pres Assad had the army surround the town of Hama where the Muslim Brotherhood was based, then shelled it from all sides till nothing was standing. Around 18,000 people were killed.

    The Muslim Brotherhood has not tried anything in Syria after that.

    The Arabs respect power, specially when it is excercised ruthlessly. It is one reason Hitler is popular as ever in the Arab world.

  3. You guys are right, the Arabs are like the Russians with them you are either the masters or the slaves, or as one man (I can’t remember who put it) they are the type of people you have to step on until they apologize, and then step on them until them mean the apology.

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