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4 Replies to “Americans dealing with snow”

  1. Just you wait. Some big-wig scientist is going to confidently proclaim that the year 2010 was, without a doubt, the hottest year in all of recorded human history. We all know what nonsense that is, but the kids don’t. They’re going to hear it from their teachers as absolute fact, and they will believe what they are told. As long as the leftists control the information flow to the leading generation, they will continue to prevail no matter what the “deniers” say. Whatever happens, the AGW bus will just continue to roll along until somebody makes a real point of killing it. And if somebody actually works up the nerve to do that, will everything be perfect then? Right! The bastards are already starting to up the chatter on Ocean Acidification. Did you know that in just ten years, the beach is going to be like the inside of a car battery? I think that the fact that the West can no longer trust its scientists is going to emerge as a very nasty problem in the future. How can we be expected to personally verify every claim made by a scientist when we can’t be sure he isn’t lying for the grant money? How are we going to get the sheer brain-power needed to accomplish such a thing? Global Warming was complicated enough to understand, and it’s actually fairly simple compared to some things.

  2. Eeyore never underestimate the stupidity of a New York City worker, they are protected by one of the most powerful unions in the world and if they have had over 90 days on the job it is almost impossible to fire the.

    Chris you are right about global warming, but your post is the first I have heard about the oceans turning acidic! The left has a real low opinion of our intelligence, and unfortunately since they control the purse strings of funding have control of most scientists. I discovered this fact back in the 1980s when the left was pushing the idea of nuclear winter, once the computer modeling program got into the hands of honest scientists that theory was shown to be wrong and the left shut up. Now they are continuing with AGW and are starting the one they will use after AGW wears out.

    A very smart Professor told me, and the entire class, not to be afraid to trust ourselves, that if our own experience said something an expert was saying was bull, it was probably bull. She and I were on opposite ends of the political spectrum but we got along great because we both trusted our own experience and weren’t afraid to speak our minds. The class was a criminology class I took to fill in time so the GI bill would pay for that semester, I had a ball and made an A even though I disagreed with her several times and told her so.

  3. Eeyore the one winter I was stationed in New Jersey for training every time we had a heavy snow the General in charge of the Fort shut down school and we were issued shovels. within 12 hours all the streets and sidewalks were snow free.

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