Justice Iranian style. They don’t just hang people, they get the family members involved then strangle them. The Tundra Tabloids is for justice, and if the death penalty is called for, then it has to be the most humane form of capital punishment (An oxymoron? But you know what I mean) possible. Having to beg for your life from the people related to the person you killed, then have your stool kicked out from underneath you to start your strangling to death, sure sounds barbaric. Or is it just me?  KGS

Woman hanged for murdering ex-soccer star lover’s wife ‘had stool kicked away by his son’ in gruesome Tehran jail execution

She prayed and cried in final moments after victim’s assembled family denied last-gasp appeal for clemency.

The barbaric scene that accompanied yesterday’s execution of an Iranian woman who murdered a love rival has emerged.

Shahla Jahed, 40, was hanged at Evin Prison in Tehran yesterday morning, with her stool kicked away by the son of the woman she was found guilty of killing.

The former lover of Iranian soccer star Nasser Mohammad Khani, she had admitted to stabbing to death his ‘permanent’ wife Laleh Saharkhizan in 2002, although she repeatedly retracted the confession during her trial.

Human rights activists believe her confession was forced out of her.


Jahed was portrayed as an obsessed stalker, likened to Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, at her trial in 2004, but she had also been the ‘temporary wife’ of the Iranian footballer, who won fame with a succession of league titles as player and coach with Persepolis FC, Iran’s biggest club.

In the Shiite faith – the majority religion in Iran – men and women can marry for an agreed period of time.

Afterwards, the marriage is null and void, although it can be renewed, but there is an obligation for both to look after any offspring.

Men can have up to four permanent wives, and any number of temporary wives. Women can only be married to one man at a time.

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  1. Once again this is sharia law in action, where victims and their families can assist in the execution of alleged criminals.

    I say alleged for good reason, because it is my understanding of Islamic jurisprudence that evidence given in court can be as flimsy as a rumour on the one hand and totally irrational when dealing with any woman’s testimony on the other. And should alleged criminals actually get representation, they had better be Muslim and Muslim of the “proper stripe” in order to get even the semblance of a fair trial.

    Sharia law is more barbaric than what the ancient Europeans practiced and definitely more barbaric than modern western justice.

    Sharia law be damned.

  2. Notice also that this comes from a country that likes to boast a lot. Civilisation is one of their favourite words. Great is another. And yet they do not even write in their own scipt like the Arabs, Europeans, Indians and Chinese, Russians. Do not even have their own religion. Islam came from the Arabs and the zoroastrianism came from the azeris. No distinguishing architecture, no scupture, no dance, no modern tech apart from the oil industry set up by the british and the nuclear industry set up by the Russian. They do share a love of poetry though. Similar to the Somalis who love poetry like crazy. Also they do know how to sew a good carpet. Well they are ahead of the somalis on that one. Though the somalis do have a thing about taking over ships. A guess the somalis are better pirates and the iranians are better carpet weavers. I guess that does put them ahead of the somalis. When you hear an iranian boasting bear this in mind. Boasting, poetry, and carpet weaving is what its all about in their defintion of civilisation.

  3. The only thing I have heard the Iranians every invented was the heavy cavalry of the medieval period. Of course they didn’t have stirrups and often fell off the horse in a fight but the idea of a heavily armored horseman was their idea.

  4. The idea of them falling of a horse is funny. Stirrups were what the inbreds needed and so they kept falling off. One does tend to fall off horses and so injure oneself and annoy and damage horses too without stirupps. When they fought the Greeks the Greeks showed them a military tactic that worked. Greek fire. The Arabs showed them a military tactic or two as well and took over the country for good. Arabs still own them. I believe the Mongols also ruled them. I do disagree though that being highly protected is an innovation of theirs. I could be wrong because it appears soldier to varying degrees have always carried some form of metal protection. The Romans had metal breast plates and shields. The most protected fighters I have seen are the European fighters. The armour is available to see in country houses throughout the UK. Nothing like that is available in anyother continent except the European continent. Still It might be a topic for the military historian to unravel for us.

  5. Sorry I didn’t make my self clear, it was the full plate armor that they developed, the armor so heavy you needed a strong horse to carry you and the armor. Personally I would prefer freedom of movement and the ability to dodge the enemy weapons but we do seem to be going back in the direction of massive heavy armor.

    There was one famous Roman battle (I forget the name) that started pure cav and ended pure infantry, every single person fell off their horse during the fight.

    FYI: The Greek Empire called the Eastern Roman Empire considered the Persian heavy cav to be incredibly stupid, with only enough brains to keep charging until the horses threw them and ran off.

  6. Richard have you seen the movie called 300. It was a big hit few years ago and detailed one of the famous wars that the Greeks fought with the invading Persian army. You saw masses and masses of fighters from the Persian side but the Greek side had no such numbers but through intelligent tactics were able to defend and finally (though not in that movie) under Alexander to take over that country completly. The director seemed to have got the reliance on numbers and not tactics right. He also got the whoe boasting thing which Persians are renowned for. The King made all kinds of silly demands and wanted to be treated like a God. Now they want to be treated as the reps of God. They make all kinds of boasts about how great they are. But reality has always been there weak spot. I am always amazed when I see on of them come on TV. The pattern is always the same. Boasting and belligerance. The truth of the matter is that the gene pool of Iranians is severly damaged due to the inbreeding programme that thier advisors and conquerers from Arabia encouraged them to start and continue ad infinitum. The economy is under severe strain and is liable to break if reforms are not implemented. Even with all that oil industry which was developed by the British, their GDP per capita is only about 12,ooo dollars. Little Denmark with no oil has three times that for each person in that hard working country.

  7. I have seen that movie, I prefer the Movie 300 Spartans made back in the early 1960s, and highly recommend it, it is more historically accurate. Yes the Persian Emperor had delusions of Godhood, and so does the present leadership. The normal egotistical feelings of the wanna be dictator are increased by the Koran telling them they are the chosen ones who will dominate the world.

    Here is the url for the IMBD page on the 300 spartans released in 1962. when 300 came out on disk I bought both movies and insisted that my friends watch the 1962 movie first, after they had done that and then watched 300 they said that they could understand why I wanted them to see the more accurate movie first. Once again I highly recommend this move to everyone.

    As for the economy it is going to take a major miracle to prevent the total collapse of the worlds economy. They left with their own delusions of Godhood has been in power for too long and has ignored economic laws that say their policies lead to disaster. These economic laws are as unchanging as the basic laws of physics, but they take longer to punish the offender. The entire world is poised on the brink of a major disaster, the only question is will the massive depression come before or after the major war. I have been watching the world move towards a major depression since about 1970s, the 1980s under President Reagan delayed things but didn’t change them. and towards the war since 1992. Early in the 2000’s George II tried to head off both the depression and the war but was stymied by the left in Europe and the US.

    The History channel also has some shows on disk about the battle of the Hot Points, they go into more detail about the strategic moves and the tactical moves then the movies do.

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