USS George Washington Carrier enters Yellow Sea

This is a powerful statement by the US in terms of its commitment to South Korea. However, North Korea’s pattern seems to be to provoke once the last provocation has died down, as in their estimation the Western mind set cannot focus for more than a few news cycles. North Korea sunk the Chon An and killed 40 plus South Korean navy personnel, Then after a while, a South Korean aircraft went missing and 2 Air-force people aboard. I have no idea what happened to them I didn’t follow that story after the disappearance.

Then the recent attack on the ‘Disputed’ yet clearly South Korean Island. My guess is, the USS George Washington will sail around the area for 3 weeks while the North prepares it’s next outrage and once the ship has left they will commit it. North Korea may be evil, may not care one bit about the safety or well being of its own people and may be prepared to see some or all of them die in pointless provocations, but they are not stupid.

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  1. Poor poor North Koreans. They have lots of guns and no bread. All they can do to get bread is to use guns.

    This is a state that is the equivalent of the highway robber.

    There was a time when we hanged highway robbers. Now we give them bread, money and counselling. The post-modern method does not work. Its time to try traditional methods that have been tested through time.

    Islam was founded by a highway robber, and its adherents, if they are true followers of Mohammed, do the same. The same medicine has to be applied within the West as well.

  2. Powerful statement of commitment to the Japanese.

    Vlad, do you see the white symbols on the deck of ?

    That is in Japanese. It means ” how do you do?”.

    Hajimemashte is the pronounciation. Very formal.

  3. Where does China get off thinking they own the China Sea or the Yellow sea for that matter? Do we have the internal strength to exercise our rights?
    With China building their own carrier, being a totalitarian government, at economic war with us, stealing our proprietary property, increasing our indebtiness (how China overcomes its enemies), we should tell them to go pound sand. We can always tell them to stuff their notes and strategically walk away from the debt (or they can adjust their currency).
    We’ve been at war with China for some time now, only thing is that we don’t know it.
    But then again, the international industrialists will probably prevent this from happening.

  4. I would feel better if we had a different Commander in Chief, we are heading into harms way with a Commander in Chief who is either a fool or a traitor, or both. The US will survive and win this war as we win all wars of survival in the long run, but we are going to get hurt.

    As to where does China get the gall to think they own the South China Sea and the Yellow Sea, they think that their victory is preordained by the heavens, they are both Chinese and Communist, that means they are doubly blessed. The fact that the only wars China has won in around 200 or more year were against other Chinese or the Viets in the 1970s doesn’t enter into their thinking. This is one of the reasons I think we are headed into a major war.

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