Mosheb: The Dutch courts upheld my ‘artistic license”
so I can fantasize on CD’s about murdering Wilders

This sick bastard should be behind some very thick walls swinging a sledge hammer to make small rocks out of big ones. What the Dutch court has done with verdict, is open the doors for every fundamentalist Muslim to wage war on Geert Wilders, giving a both a wink and a nod and tacit approval. Sick, and they dare bring Wilders up on charges on incitement for showing both a video of Muslim extremism (Fitna) along with their holy texts that they quote while carrying out their acts. What a sick bunch of judges, corrupted to the bone. KGS

Rapper Aquitted of Threatening Wilders

THE HAGUE, 11/11/10 – The appeal court in The Hague yesterday acquitted a rapper of threatening Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders because it did not consider the text of his song constituted an offence.

The rapper, who calls himself Mosheb, was prosecuted for the track ‘Who is next?’. He sings: Pim Fotuyn talked about Muslims, was shot. Theo van Gogh, talked about Muslims, was shot. Who is next…? (…) Am planning to make an attack on Geert Wilders. And that in WORDS. I find you a creep. You will be strangled. (…) Everyone who talks about Muslims gets killed.”

In the number, the rapper constantly alternates threats with mitigating words. “Geert you would be better to jump off the roof, or would you rather have bullets in your body? I am no terrorist, am an innocent rapper. This is a warning!! Do you want to stay alive? Then you must take back all your statements (…) Listen Geert, this is no joke, last night I dreamed that I had cut off your head.”

Wilders launched proceedings against the song in 2007, after he had heard and seen the clip on the Internet. A lower court convicted Mosheb, but the appeal court arrived at acquittal yesterday.

According to the appeal court, the text is not in itself a punishable offence. The track is punishable however in the way it was to be seen on Internet site YouTube. There, gunshots were also heard.

These shots cannot however be heard on the rapper’s original CD version. The appeal court concludes that it cannot be established whether the shots were added by the rapper or by someone else.


  1. We, in the West, are hopelessly inflexible. Because fatwas are not specifically recognized by our legal system, we simply don’t know what slot to put them into. Instead of saying, ‘here’s something new, let’s deal with it’, we search around for a legal precedent, can’t find one, and give up. There is a precedent, actually. Henry II said, “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?”, and soon after, Thomas Becket had the top of his head lopped off and his brains scooped out with a sword ( I hate it when that happens!). Henry was, I believe, Judged responsible for Tom’s death. That’s a lot like a fatwa, but not exactly. What we should do is define what a fatwa is and make it bloody well illegal to play that nasty little Arab game. Fatwas are a death curse. Fatwas are murder. This rapper is engaged in a murder conspiracy and should be incarcerated for a long period of time. This is the same as a ‘hit’ or ‘contract killing’. The British should have whacked the Ayatollah with a cruise missile the day he put that fatwa out on Salmon Rushdie. We are allowing them to win and they are, well…winning. The Muslim rapper is now officially allowed to threaten Geert Wilders with death.

  2. Since when is threatening to murder someone protected speech? These Judges are making a mockery out of the Dutch Judicial System.

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