Afghanistan and Iranian funding.

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A few days ago, Stratfor reported that the Iranian government had been funneling money into the Karzai government through Karzai’s Chief of Staff, Umar Daudzai. In the early days of the story, both Harmid and Umar denied the funding and the Iranians denied giving it. That was October 24th.

On October 25th, the Iranian Embassy in Kabul formally denied the report that Tehran sent cash payments to Umar, calling the report “ridiculous and insulting,” Later the same day, US State Department spokesman Philip Crowley released a statement that they (the administration, presumably), were skeptical of Tehran’s intentions……..????

On October 26th the Iranian government acknowledged (of course) sending regular installments to Kabul also stating that the payments were for Afghanistan’s infrastructure so that the foreign [devils] would no longer have a reason to stay in Afghanistan.

Apparently Tehran didn’t get the same memo the Obama administration apparently missed; the one stating that our intentions for being there were for reasons of US security and not Afghanistan’s need for a face lift to it’s infrastructure. I wonder what kind of ‘infrastructure changes you make to rocky goat paths through the mountains..?

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  1. Yesterday I was talking to a man who is just back from Iraq, he told me about the restrictive Rules of Engagement that are turning our military into policemen rather then soldiers. I served during Nam and know about the ROE’s that we considered to be restrictive them, these are much worse, we need to start fighting this like a war and stop trying to build nations. We need to step on them until they apologize and then step on them until the mean the apology.

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