Sharia or, well, you know, ‘law’?

The US seems to be slipping into using the machinery of state to enforce the sharia more and more these days.

This is one trial I would like to watch. Try and wrap your heads around the wording of the charge as they list it. Last time I looked, “desecration of a Koran” is not a crime in the U.S of A.

H/T to Vlad reader DP11 and to Jihad Watch for this story:

$10,000 Reward In Koran Burning Case

The East Lansing Police Department is seeking the publics help to find who is responsible for burning and desecrating a Koran. The incident happened on September 11. It was found at the front door of the Islamic Center of East Lansing.

The department is offering $10,000 for any information that would lead to the identification and prosecution of those responsible for this act.

Those with information are asked to call Det. Sherief Fadly at 517-319-6814.

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9 Replies to “Sharia or, well, you know, ‘law’?”

  1. and the muslims are the ones attacking u , invading in anyways … cursing you christians and jews throught their dialy prayer …. and by the qur’an , its book …. DID U READ IT… its pure evil…. LEARN FIRST … ISLAM IS NOT WHAT U THINK IT IS “.” ITS NOT PEACE , its submission , violence againsnt anything thats unislamic in the world ”al dharb”

  2. oh, oh, big fine…..good thing mine didn’t burn but it had so much doggy poo and kitty pee on it from using it in the barn to train the animals that when I tried to burn it in the fire after autumn cleanup, it just smoldered and smelled putrid, so I threw it in the cess pool tank along with all old bibles and photos of the pope.

  3. Well, it looks like desecrating the Koran is now illegal in the US. The media won’t even mention this little alteration to the Constitution, so it will just pass by unnoticed. The Governance of the United States is now a subsection of “Entertainment Tonight”.

  4. The increasing dhimmification of the free world is gaining momentum.

    Someone burns a book and becomes a criminal.

    Someone else claims it is their “culture” to mutilate little girls’ genitals overseas or secretly at home and the authorities collectively shrug their shoulders.

    Others encourage people to kill all the “kufar” and they are protected by “free speech” and “freedom of religion” laws.

    Still others mastermind massacres that also destroy landmark buildings and they are treated to secret civilian trials.

    Others encourage and participate in the desecration of cemeteries and religious buildings and changing the laws to forbid criticism only of their own ideology. They are protected under the law as well.

    Still others threaten those who would expose them as bigots and criminals and they get not a single day in jail.

    Others raise funds and support known terrorist organizations yet get visas and appointments to high places.

    Finally, military officers knowingly kill their fellow soldiers and get the 30 day psychiatric treatment.

    Yet a person who burns a book becomes a criminal?

    Something is seriously wrong with the world. And the US is leading the way towards a universal caliphate.

    Hey, all Americans, did you really elect a Baptist as President?

  5. Could this possibly be a ‘false flag’ incident? You know an attempt to seize attention of the MSM during all of the GZ Mosque brohoha. 10,000 bucks! they don’t offer that much reward for violent street thugs and hoodlums.

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