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One Reply to “More US Mega Mosque issues. Morfreesboro”

  1. I live near the town in question; it’s spelled Murfreesboro. I was wondering what might happen if a new mosque attracted a large Muslim population to this town, that is currently a sort of low-grade college town. IF they gained political ascendancy, would they enforce some of sharia’s precepts? Such as banning the sale of alcohol? Well, that is common already here in many counties of the South. A fellow priest told me he was in a shop and asked if he could ‘buy up’ and the clerk told him, “not from a good Christian”.
    The point I am making is the irony of Muslims moving into the Bible Belt with plans to take it over. I recently cautioned a woman about her son, a nominal Christian and not a regular participant in the sacramental life of the Church, whom she was eager to send to college. I warned her to defend her son’s Christian identity by feeding his mind and soul on the sustenance of the Church’s teaching. The life in Christ is NOT a set of rules, which is what Islam is made up of, as is the prevalent Southern notion of Christianity.
    The irony of Pat Robertson, of all self-confessing Christians the one who most resembles a Muslim in his approach to religion, decrying a creeping Islamization of the Belt is not lost on this priest of Christ.
    To defend against Islamization, we need to become fully immersed in the depth of our root Tradition, not slavish followers of legalistic demagoguery. Sadly, the Bible Belt is loose at its buckle because simple core Christian belief is not taught here and the ruling manifesto is fear and judgment, ‘sinners in the hand of an angry God’ – the weakest link in Christendom being the place where its dogma is eviscerated to be replaced by mere manmade custom and appeals to Old Testamental legalism. What refuge does Robertson’s ersatz Christianity offer us from sharia’s harshness? In neither case could I buy a beer on a Sunday.
    I have tasted the bitter fruit of a dead faith which in too many ways resembles Islam. The Bible Belt needs Jesus, not denominations of preachers harping on rules and politics. Islam will appeal to many power-hungry Americans once they recognize that it’s an even more efficient vehicle for running other people’s lives. The South is the best place for this to begin because the heart of Christianity has been torn out most thoroughly here and people are adrift in a sea of self-hatred and judgment of others.

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