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28 Replies to “Islam’s Public Enemy #1 – Coptic Priest Zakaria Botros”

  1. All these lies of you, will result in Hell.

    If Muslims are brainwashed than you people are in injected, blindly following lies thus.
    I am a well-thinking Muslimman, I live among and with a lot of other Muslims and I can honesty say that this bullshit you say: we dont know it, this crap if you is all lies, it doesnt ring a bell.
    Women are not possesions to use, or some crap you are saying.
    Muslima’s are very happy human beings, like you’ve seen in the cliplet. They are worshippers of only Allah. They are muslima’s on their own, and choose to be muslima’s every single day. Issues that are obligatory, they like, want and embrace, like the veil. You know i could go on and on, and you wouldn’t find a single error (at.reason) if i would do so. But I’m not going to.
    Because I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. All muslims adore a fake God. The god of the moon called “Allah”.
    You want proof? You all walk around a moon rock. You all have half a moon in your flags. You only spread hate when you disagree with someone. There’s no love in your harts for other people than muslims. Only the devil=Allah can make you think this way.
    If you don’t believe in Jezus and God, The One that is, then you end up in Hell.
    But you’re all brainwashed by Allah.

  3. The moon is in flags, because its a beautiful creation of The One, Allmighty etc.
    About the hate part, I do sincerely apologize, i was scared of you and shocked. Peace!!!

  4. 1) Woman are nothing but breeding bags and slaves for the Islamic religion. What you are saying is common propaganda taught by the radical Islamics(terrorists and your current leaders). and if the women try to speak up and say that they are slaves, they are killed or beaten into silence.
    2) If what you say is true, then why do Islamics go on “holy crusades” to conquer the infidels in africa and such, and if they dont convert to muslim, kill the men and children, and rape the women, THEN kill them? No, they are forced and live in fear. If they got a translated version of the Quran, can you say bye to the current leaders? there would be a insane amount of converts to the christian religion, since The Prophet, the great Mohammad(cough) said himself that Jesus was a prophet and that the new testament was real, and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
    learn your own religion. Then again, you do and want to spread the word of the radical islamics, cause you are one obviously.
    and before you say i dont know crap about your religion cause im some silly 19 year old american boy, i do. I was in fact complimented by a radical Ex-terrorist Islamic, saying how much i knew at a young age, which was about 3 years ago, and my knowledge has only grown since then, so i wont take the word of a radical Islamic that wants to spread the propaganda.

  5. Watch your mouth about moslima’s!

    You place this comment, its …wathever….you…are…stupid..or something……

  6. if you like you should watch The message(with Anthony Quinn).
    I am high on drugs richtnow, so i dont feel like to embarress you. Anothertime maybe

  7. listen kid….im not gonna tell you stuff, peace and i wish you the best…eventually we all go to heaven, thatsmeans you too. I have this doubt, wether i shoul help out……hmmm…should i?……anyway dont worry

  8. “Help out” are you threatening to kill people who do not agree with you? I know that is the Islamic way and so on, but is that what you are trying to say by “I don’t know if I should help out or not”?

  9. lmao, sorry mate, but i dont need your help. i do know what im talking about, since i have been complimented by a radical(radical mind you) ex terrorist muslim gone christian. so i take his opinion over yours, sorry.
    You tell me to watch my mouth cause its true. The funny thing is your getting so pissed over my facts, which just proves that im right.
    so really, the simple fact that i was complimented at age 16, and that was 3 years ago, is impressive. and my knowledge had expanded since then. And before you say it, just because he has “betrayed” the muslims by going christian, dosnt mean he dosnt know what he is talking about
    high huh? more like embarassing yourself, cant even spell your own religion right

  10. i dare you translate litterly, sister muslima, cause they dont want homo teinted sex,
    the meaning of that is (litterly) : If your girl goes too far in the intimate sphere, you sould correct here with a clap.
    It occurs.
    Herebye I declare you feget, Botros and you try to lure our women away but the person that will be left is you, simply because you are a feget and girls leave fegets like you…..
    You should’ve never questioned regular Islam because you dont have what it takes, you are no playaaaa like me, let alone like Allah and his Morcalien.
    Do you really think The last Prophet was such a ugly man like you drawn him, I see fegetbitches looking better, just because theyre on the cover of a tv guide, are you stupid???
    99% of muslimin is no terrorist. Sidna Isa(Jesus) elih salam is not dead for you, cause all Prophets are sent bye One God, thats Allah, and JEZUS HATES YOU, botros, HE HATES YOU!!!!!You are true DALIMIN, because of your funny stories: the muslim has done it, right? There are luckily people that arent dumm you know!!! How are people supposed to get this? You are completely a FOOL!!! a BITCH ! You can suck my dick!! I dont believe you have persuaded any believer, not one or two. An electric shock you say, you make me almost cry of laughture, for muslims are truly peaceloving people. Allah(swt) says in The Holy Qoran, that we may defend borders, may that not? Never you hear muslimin foulmouthing and insulting. LOOK what this site says!!!!!!! snackbar?! Fegets like you are the worst kin d, YOU FRIGHTEN
    people!!!! I am against fegets, AND I KNOW WHY, they harm people, aproach people and force people, they plee for freedom, yet freedom is not like that, i shouldnt have to explain you this!!!
    You use OUR knowledge, OUR wisdom CONSTANTLY and make us look bad, YET there are billions of people that do not get fooled by this pathetic clip of yours.
    I WOUDNT BE OUTRAGOUAS, if you were for serious, NOT AGAIN WITH THE HOMO stuff and the insults.
    HOW DARE YOU say examin ISLAM???????????????? Whaohahaha!! You are one stupid motherfacker, arent you!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Islam means love and peace!!!!!!)

  11. you say i wont hear a muslim foul mouth me, yet you claim to be one, and your using the most colorful language. such as bitch, motherfucker, so you are really making yourself look like an idiot who cant even spell right. and you spell it fagot, not feget.
    you know your own religion? gj mate. we dont need to lure your women. if they had a choice, they would gladly leave people like you that keep them under that slavery. and if you ask them, they will naturally say no, we wouldnt leave you. why? cause they fear the consequences of saying yes, we would leave.
    I know Jesus loves me, sinful or no. I have felt his presence, unlike you im sure. i have felt his love. it felt like raw energy coursing through me. it hurt so bad i wanted it to stop, but the love in it made me wanted it to last forever. Tell me youve had an experience like that. I dont call God allah, i call him God.
    Lets see, i dont need to use your religion to make you look bad. all i need to do is look at history, and it shows the truth. you are warmongering religion. Over history, who is that has started wars between muslims and whoever? muslims. and why? CAUSE ALLAH HAS DECREED THAT YOU ARE INFIDELS AND MUST BE EXTERMINATED. If you religion stands for peace, then id say you need to rename your religion. Your great phrophet, he also said peace by the sword. meaning you conquer, and if the people dont agree with you, you kill em. once again proving that yours isnt a religion of peace, but of death and suffering.
    and your Qur’an, it contradicts itself a lot. for example, the Qur’an says that Jesus was a messiah. But, it says that he was not a favored of God (Surah 43:59) but at another, THAT HE WAS (Surah 4:172) and that he was near to God (Surah 3:45)
    It also says the new testament is real, and dont let anyone tell you other whys. Mohummed said that. so as you see, i believe he was probably drunk when he wrote it.
    But Allah(Muslim) peace by the sword, slavery of women, ect. God(Christian) peace by the word, freedom for all, no matter what color or religion or gender. yah, i can see why most muslims would love to be a christian, but fear death if they try to be one

  12. Listen, you must come with sumptin better! If you wish to communicate with me in the future, you must. I mean it. I’m not prepared to tell you more than I’ve already done, if you do not say exactly what you claim to be the problem.
    Just tell me: The real problem is…
    If you tell me something good, I’ll return the favour.

  13. You know, its a well known fact if the person your arguing with has nothing to say but swear words, youve won. so your just makin me win mate.
    and i have come up with a good argument, you havnt. I use your own religion and book against you, and what intelligent and completely un-high thing do you have to say? nothing but swear words. and what does that have to say? you should learn to spell and perhaps stop doing weed.
    No, im proud to not be an idiot, which is more than i can say for you. You try so hard to make me look like one and you the smart guy, then BAM comes my argument, tearing and ripping yours to pieces, and you do atleast 6 sentences of swearing, making me win again and again. so how bout this, you tell me what the problem isn’t. so far ive proven the problem multiple times.
    If im wrong, that means your calling your own book wrong, which labels you as a infidel among your own religion. Ah, the joys of common sense, gotta love it. disprove that.
    and ill tell you whats wrong. History has proven you a warmongering religion, as i said. And i quoted 4 verses of your book, proving that your book contradicts yourself and that its wrong, which makes your great and wise prophet wrong, cause he wrote the whole thing. so far you havnt said anything to prove me wrong, and calling me a cocksucker certainly dosnt prove me wrong. nice try though

  14. AAAAAHhHH, the sweet smell of an idiot. you called me an idiot, yet all you can say is idiotic things. i have proven again and again that your religion is wrong and despite what you say, a warmongering religion. and what do you say? the most unintellectual things: idiot, mother fucking, cocksucker, ect.
    and you say im the retard and idiot? eat your own words.
    i love doing this. brings such joy and happiness to my heart. And one other thing. In recent news, a 17(now 18) girl left her muslim home and became a christian. Now, if what you say is right, and the women love you religion, why did she: 1) leave. 2) not got back to her family and said she feared for her life?
    this story proves my point exactly. Your women, who are so “loyal” to you completely by their own choice(i love sarcasm) stay in your religion cause they fear for the lives if they leave it. Take away the fear and give them a choice, and i promise you, a majority of them would ditch you, take off the gay ass clothes they have to wear and come to america to start a new life.

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