Muslims invent unified field theory

Albert Einstein spent most of his life in the fruitless persuit of attempting to come up with a theory that links magnetism with gravity. Now we see the Muslims have done it with a mere turn of a phrase! Please check the following site for the story. Mecca, a no magnetism zone

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2 Replies to “Muslims invent unified field theory”

  1. Mahoundian science… That always reminds me of Adnan Oktar/Harun Yahya, whose anti-science nonsense has been the topic of at least another post here at VT, titled Shut up about science or I’ll sue you if I’m not wrong; besides countless other Mein-Qurampf based mahoundian fables, such as mahound/allah splitting the moon in half and then putting it together, their belief that the Earth is at the center of the universe and the sun spins around it, that allah “created the woman deficient.” And here we have yet another example of such insanity, which we ought to be respectful of according to the usual mahound-loving MC/PC monkeys, lest they label us culturally-insensitive imperialists, “racists” and “islamophobes” if we duly mock and ridicule such superstition-based dribble.

    Harun Yahya itself (not himself), going back to its insane anti-science ramblings, has even had the nerve to say that all terrorism that is attributed to mahoundians is actually the work of Darwinists and atheists, without actually explaining how Porkistan and Somalia could be crawling with such people disguised as turban-, flour-sack- and sandal-clad troo-beeleevares™… That in itself is another example of how mahoundian “science” works, as anyone can see for themselves on MEMRITV clips: making claims about whatever they want others to believe to be true, but never providing a shred of hard evidence to back up their assertions.

  2. Muzzies also are into medicine. Mahound himself came up with a cancer cure!! Yep, to cure cancer he perscribes the drinking of camel piss.
    I’m not sure if you are supposed to chill it or drink it straight from the tap.

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