Newt Gingrich speaks on Islam and the danger America faces today.

Yes I know lots of you do not have time to watch all the videos I post on this site and to be fair, it would take up a large part of one’s day to do so. But please, watch this one. Newt is fantastic and calls it like it is. He makes me want to make a T shirt saying: “2+2=4? RACIST! My little objection to the dialectic scam. In any case please do watch this superb video of Newt G. Really, it is worth your time.

Below, I did a 9 minute sort of highlights of his speech as a teaser:

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7 Replies to “Newt Gingrich speaks on Islam and the danger America faces today.”

  1. Gingrich has a talent for capturing the essense of our nation’s tenuous circumstances with one nagging caveat. He continues to isolate “Islamism”, “radical Islam” etc. from Islam – claiming the “Obama administration is willfully blind to the nature of our enemies and the forces which threaten America”, yet doesn’t apply the same limiting rationale to Communism’s inherent fundamentalism of the Soviet Union. At least, Gingrich has zero tolerance for Sharia in America. It’s a start.

  2. Mr Gingrich has, I am afraid, added 2 and 2, and has come up with 22. He is DANGEROUSLY DELUDED.
    Firstly, the enemy is ISLAM, totally, wholely, completely.If you have a sizeable muslim population in your country you have a problem for the following reasons: How do you decide who is radical until they start plotting something?; Demographics, it is now becoming obvious in Europe that muslims, moderate, militant or whatever will, within a few decades be able to enforce their will through the ballot box; “Moderate” muslims breed, and there is no guarantee that their children will be moderate – in fact the opposite seems to be the case.
    Multi faith centres? Muslims don’t do multi faith, unless it is expedient for them to do so.
    Hearts and minds? The problem with afghanistan is that we want to send out there social workers with guns.
    Yes, America rebuilt Germany and western europe AFTER WE HAD POUNDED TO RUBBLE, killed EIGHTEEN MILLION Germans, and rendered those left totally defeated and demoralised, EVEN THE FANATICS.
    (Please feel free to correct me on numbers by the odd million or so).
    If mr Gingrich is the best we can do then we are in trouble.
    I read a quote from an Israeli somewhere: “If there is one thing the holocaust taught us its that when someone says they’re going to kill you, you better take them seriously”.
    Muslims make no secret of what they have in store for us, and no amount of appeasment psyco-analysis or baksheesh will change that, only one thing will, and ever has.

  3. I liked the speech, it had many good points. Gingrich mentioned the cold war and that the struggle was about containing of the Soviet Union the struggle against radical Islam will be similar. He said that if Europe is lost the war is lost. The problem in Europe is with the socialist-left wing groupings, these people validate their arguments. The appaling statements by the Archbishop in which he seeks to overturn the idea that there is one law for all and that all are accountable to it, a key part of English culture are an example. Students of history will know that even Kings – Charles I – have been executed for believing that the one law did not apply to them. The intellectual argument needs to be against the left wing because without the support of the left wing the Islamists will be isolated.

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