See Spot ??? Iranian cleric issues fatwa against…..dogs.

From The Toronto Sun

Iran cleric bans dog ownership

By Robin Pomeroy, REUTER

Last Updated: June 19, 2010 5:42am

TEHRAN – A senior Iranian cleric has decreed dogs are “unclean””and should not be kept as pets — a move aimed at discouraging Western-style dog ownership in the Islamic state, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

Dogs are considered “unclean””under Islamic tradition but, while relatively rare in Iran, some people do keep them as pets.

By issuing a fatwa — a religious ruling — Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi has sent a clear message that this trend must stop.

“Friendship with dogs is a blind imitation of the West,” he was quoted as saying in Javan daily. “There are lots of people in the West who love their dogs more than their wives and children.”

Guard dogs and sheep dogs are considered acceptable under Islamic law but Iranians who carry dogs in their cars or take them to public parks can be stopped by police and fined.

The Koran does not explicitly prohibit contact with dogs, Shirazi said, but Islamic tradition showed it to be so. “We have lots of narrations in Islam that say dogs are unclean.”

The interpretation of religious rules on personal conduct is a constant source of debate and potential conflict in Iran which has been an Islamic republic since a revolution ousted the Western-backed Shah in 1979.

In a television interview last week, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad weighed in on the issue of the Islamic dress code, saying women who fail to cover their hair completely should not be harassed by the police.

Morality police are conducting their annual crackdown and women who reveal strands of hair are liable to be stopped in the streets for failing to respect the dress code, or “hijab”.

Ahmadinejad’s surprisingly liberal view was condemned by fellow hardliner politicians and senior clerics “I wish he had not said those words about the hijab,” Grand Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati told the faithful during the week’s Friday prayers, in a rare criticism of the president.

“We are grappling with many problems including economic and political ones but the issues of morality and ethical security are among the important issues that cannot be ignored,” he said.

Tehran University has set up a thinktank “to investigate the problems related to hijab”, the representative of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to the university announced on Monday.

5 Replies to “See Spot ??? Iranian cleric issues fatwa against…..dogs.”

  1. These people are perhaps best kept away from dogs in any case. They are not really in fit state to look after themselves let alone a sentient being that requires love and care. After going to the weekly, “death to america rally” after friday prayers who knows what mood they are in when they come home and have to look after the dog. Best keep dogs away from them until they can calm down and relax a bit from the hatred. We will know they are cured of thier mental incapacity and able to look after a dog when they can hug a Jew. Not capable of hugging a Jew as a fellow sentient being who is human then a dog is best kept away from you as you do not know what a fellow sentient being is in the shape of a cuddly animal. After all Jews are condemed as animals in the Kuffar Killing Koran as pigs and monkeys.

  2. The Muslim religion is designed to produce adherents who cannot mix peacefully with people of other beliefs and customs. The ‘dog thing’ is a perfect example. It’s not as if their is some big spiritual Godly reason why dogs are bad, Mohammed just didn’t like them much-that’s all, he liked cats. But it gives the Muslims a reason to be different from everybody else, a reason to live apart. Now they can call you a “dirty dog lover”, get the picture? Same with art, poetry, music, acting…Mohammed hated them all! And what a coincidence, all that stuff was extremely important to the Anamists and Christians and Jews and Zoroastrians (huge dog-lovers, btw)of those times. Now the Muslims can’t stand you ’cause you’re a filthy art-lover or a dirty slut-singer. Get it? It’s all part of one extremely well thought out, extremely nasty plan. Be afraid! Islam is designed to rub up against its host culture, to create conflict with the host culture, and then to be victorious over the host culture. When I was a kid, Lebanon was the Middle Eastern Christian Country, now it is majority Muslim with the Christian minority leaving as they face increasing discrimination at the hands of the Muslims. When I was a kid, Kenya was the most successful example of a modern African nation, now they are sliding toward Sariah Law and barbarism. Whan I was a kid, Iran was known as the nicest place in the Middle East to visit. Just ask some Iranian pizza-guy-with-an-engineering-degree, and he’ll tell you: Iran was great under the Shah, but it’s ruined now.
    I mean, it’s one thing to be accommodating toward somebody’s religion, but when the obstacle was put there on purpose by the guy who invented the religion, for the sole purpose of inconveniencing you and creating conflict…aaahhhh…wait a minute!

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