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One Reply to “More on the Flotilla. Video evidence appearing everywhere.”

  1. For left wingers is Israel wrong. Israel is for left wingers always wrong; what ever she will do. So are in fact all countries that refuse to bend and surrender to Palestinian/Arab/Muslim pressure. We have learned it from the Danish Mohammed cartoons affaire of 2006. Denmark did not bend and had have maintained her freedom of speech and sovereignty.
    Like Denmark, Israel has the right to maintain her integrity and sovereignty and not allow vessels of any kind to break through the blockade she and Egypt had put on Gaza. They hadn’t done it for fun. It is well known that the Hamas government uses to smuggle great amount of weapons by naval means.
    I am sure the European and other western passengers on the flotilla are idealists who had joined in order to show true sympathy. For example the Swedish thriller writer Henning Mankell and MP’s from various European countries. Though, they were deceived by the organizers who had addressed themselves as freedom activists and humanitarian workers. Now we know the Flotilla was no more than a campaign connected to Islamist terror organizations like the Turkish Milli Goros and the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Alas, the European idealists on the ships refuse to recognize the truth. Their reaction has much in common with Communists in the early fifties of the 20th Century: Stalin was for them the ‘Sun of Nations’; even if they knew he had killed millions of people. For example: Henning Mankell, who’s one of my favorite writers and his books , translated in Dutch, are on my shelves. The writer, whom I thought to be integer like his creation “Kurt Wallander”, became in reality no more than ‘A Dog from Riga’ (title of one of his books). In an interview in the Swedish newspaper The Local he said that Israeli soldiers had shoot at sleeping people!. The passengers (like the mob on the Turkish ship ‘Marmara’) were nice behaving people. They did not attack, in any way, the soldiers with steel bars, knives, clubs and certainly they did not shoot. There were no weapons onboard of any ship. The only weapon was his own razor. What a disappointment from a man who stood symbol for integrity?

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