No go zones form in Oslo

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Cultural Enrichment News
Our Norwegian correspondent Zylark has translated a news article about a encounter between culture enrichers and emergency personnel in Oslo. He includes this note:

Observe the complete lack of identification in the story of the people responsible. It reeks to high heaven of Islam. The worrying part is that the hindrance of emergency personnel has now reached Norwegian shores. I know it is already pretty common in Sweden and Denmark, but this is the first I’ve heard of it here in Norway. It’s a pretty safe bet it will not be the last.

I’ve translated the story from an article in Aftenposten. It was also reported in Dagbladet. The second article has the more interesting photos. Notice the tent-women in the background.

And his translation:

Hindered ambulance — Woman died

When ambulance personnel were dispatched after an emergency call from an elderly woman in Tøyen [Muslim-dense region in the center of Oslo], family members arrived and denied them access.

The woman’s life could not be saved.

Around 12 o’clock today ambulance personnel were dispatched to an apartment in Tøyen Oslo after a report that a woman in her sixties had suffered a medical emergency. But the family denied them entrance.

“Simultaneous with the arrival of the ambulance, a car with several of the woman’s relatives arrived. They behaved so threateningly that the ambulance personnel chose to call the police. When the police arrived, the relatives threatened them as well,” says the chief of operations in Oslo police precinct Vidar Hjulstad to NTB.

Fight with the police

After a while, more of the woman’s relatives arrived at the location, and a fight ensued between the police and the family. According to someone shouted “We shall kill you!” to the police and ambulance personnel.

The police managed to clear a path for the medical team, but as they got up to the woman’s apartment, the woman’s life could no longer be saved.

“They were delayed a few minutes because of the relatives. But it is too early to tell if her condition was so precarious that this was a factor,” says Hjulstad.

May file criminal charges

The police had to send several squad cars to manage the situation. To persons were arrested by the police, who may file charges against them for violence against a public servant.

“We have two people in custody, but it is too early to say what we will do with them. So far we don’t understand much of the situation, and have to consider if this resulted from a reaction based in grief.”

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