Two clips to end the night. Kurt and Adolph.

First, CTV, a large Canadian television network did a nice little segment about the attempt on Kurt Westergaard’s life. I added a bit to the start and end to drive a certain point home. Enjoy:

Lastly, here is one of my favorite clips of all time showing the absolute importance of ridicule in the face of tyranny. It is one of the most important weapons we have and when we do not use it, we create opportunity for fascists to make it illegal, and then that space for ridicule no longer exists, the space being what exists in between what is polite and what is possible. Granted, the clip below would have been much better had it been made before the war, or even during, but it is still an excellent example of a weapon against tyranny. Islam has shown us over and over again that it cannot defend its ideas with reason. That any questioning of it, or ridicule or expression that challenges its primacy it cannot tolerate. This means we all know what to do. If indeed, as it would appear, that Islam and it’s horror is that fragile, then we all need to create a cacophony of ridicule, questions and challenges at every intellectual level. This problem exists because we afford Islam a respect it has not earned and does not deserve. Make yourself a funny T shirt of Mohamed, or buy one from me. Do your own cartoon. Make sure that Kurt Westergaard is simply one in hundreds of millions of us that will not be intimidated into accepting horror over reason.
Eeyore for Vlad.

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  1. from the first video: “you will be stuck drawing wavy lines on clay pots” . . .

    Oh, those wavy lines can be troublesome too . . .they’ve been interpretted as most holy untouchable arabic script in the recent past! Simply ask NIke or Burger King

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