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4 Replies to “Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi Celebrating Christmas”

  1. To every one who watched this video, I know Arabic language quite well
    The words that were pronounced by this man and the subtitles are not the correct translation even little bit and who wrote this subtitles i think they trying to cheat on you.

  2. Actually Ibrahim, everyone knows that but you. #1. it says that at the end. #2. it is in the ‘funny category. #3 if you read the description at youtube where it is hosted it also says that but mostly it says that at the end of the video itself. It was a joke.

  3. At first I thought it was for real. Something similar was on youtube a while back but is not there now I think. It was about the moderate klansman. But truth is stranger than satire. We even hear of the moderate taliban these day. A moderate taliban is the man with a van. The fundamentalist taliban is the ones with the explosives.

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