New Pro-Democracy Demonstrations in Iran

“Tens of thousands of students, many shouting “Death to the Dictator!” and burning pictures of Iran’s supreme leader, took to the streets on more than a dozen campuses Monday in the biggest anti-government protests in months.” Read more at Yahoo News

One video (below) showing Iranian high school girls protesting against the regime is already doing the rounds. According to the invaluable From Anonymous Iran the students are chanting: This is an all girls high school, They are chanting:

“Teachers with pride:….We need your support”
” I will kill, I will kill whomever kill my brother”
” All political prisoners MUST be free”
“Death to dictator”
“Death to this regime who kills its own people.”

3 Replies to “New Pro-Democracy Demonstrations in Iran”

  1. I think the poor slave savages in Iran have had enough of their own savagery. I think life is tough enough for the people economicaly without the kind of savagery they inflict upon themselves through their beloved Arab religon. As slaves of the arabs they are doing what comes naturally. They get rowdy now and again. It is either death to America or something or other. Typical behaviour. Their per capita income is only 11,500 dollars per annum according to the IMF for 2008. Poverty, Savagery and Slavery to Arabs; a tough combination to deal with. I pity them.

  2. x factor wanker, iranians are not arabs. . . . . But anyways, this seems like proof, that Iranians want to be secular, and their barbarian government wants to continue to be Islamic Extremist. . . . . It’s a matter of time before the people get what they want. Hopefully soon, Islamic Law will be history, women in Iran won’t be forced to wear a veil, and they’ll have the khomeini’s head frozen on display.

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