Yemen: Saudi troops mass against likely Iranian attacker

To be clear, the insinuation of Iranian involvement is mine. It is my belief that the Iranians are fighting a proxy war with the KSA using the Shea population of Yemen. It is also my belief that the Yemeni government would profoundly like this not to be happening, as they have spent a lot of resources, some of them supplied by the KSA, to stop their Shea minority from attacking the Sunni majority nation.


From Stratfor:

November 4, 2009
Saudi soldiers massed on the border with Yemen following an attack Nov. 3 by a gunman in the border region of Jazan that killed one Saudi officer and injured 11 others, Al Arabiya reported Nov. 4. Eleven schools were evacuated following the attack, and the state-run Saudi Press Agency issued a statement saying that Saudi Arabia will do what it takes to preserve security and protect its borders from infiltrators.

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