ACT For America Catches Islamist Spreading Lies At Muslim Prayer Day In Washington…….

jmarkcampbell: (Humorous) – ACT for America (Jacksonville/Orlando, FL) catches Muslims of the Americas extremist selling pro Sheikh Gilani newspapers at Muslim Prayer Day Washington, DC in a series of lies. Sheikh Gilani is founder of Jamaat ul-Fuqra who orchestrated the beheading of Daniel Pearl. Muslims of the Americas operates as front group for Jamaat ul-Fuqra who has 35 extremist training camps in the US.

Note: For the enjoyment of a full laugh, watch the video till the end.


Special thanks to EncompassedRunner for the heads up on this excellent video. KGS

NOTE: In an other example of Charles Johnson’s continual hemmorage of credibility, the serial libel blogger and founder of the now Leftist blog LGF, (with whom the TT refuses to link) just recently defended the Muslim Prayer in Washington, while bad mouthing Robert Spencer:

CJ: “Little Bulldogs has an excellent post exposing the relentless anti-Muslim bigotry of the owner of Jihad Watch: Fisking Robert Spencer.”

LB: “Clearly Spencer is starting with the assumption that all Muslims are terrorists unless they declare otherwise. From that point of view in order to show that Muslims are not terrorists they must say so. But for the rest of us who start with the assumption that Muslims are not terrorists they need do nothing to show us that they are not.”

Little Bulldogs quoting Spencer: “Yet Brooklyn imam Abdul Malik, who preached the sermon at the gathering, found ample time to denounce the immorality of American popular culture and indulge in several oblique denunciations of Christianity. He emphatically recommended Islam as the cure for America’s ills – and this was a political prescription, not solely a religious one.”

Little Bulldogs: Again no source for this other than Spencer’s claim. But here is what he did tell the crowd: “But I will say something it took me my whole adult life to come to: America is not perfect, but I want to tell the truth: It is one of the best places in the world to live.” Hardly sounds like a raving Islamist!”


   Just watch the video and see what his fellow travelers want to do with America, and mind you, this guy was freely walking around with no one opposing his views save the people from ACT and Robert Spencer.

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  1. You know if it wasn’t so evil, this whole bit reminds me of a late 1960s Candid Camera sketch. Robert Spencer appears near the end like the host of the show. Oh my allah,! I’m on PJTV!

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