The Great Canadian Passport Swindle

Link: The Passport Swindle. A CBC Quebec production.

This very very important CBC French documentary not aired in English, exposes a part of how badly Canada’s borders have been compromised. To be clear, many people who hold Canadian passports do so, without ever having bothered to live in Canada. This documentary was translated by Point De Bascule, and subtitled by vladtepesblog. Any errors are mine, not the fault of CBC or PDB, as I had a great deal of technical difficulties with getting this video done.

There will be more on this shortly. We have just begun to expose how in many ways, Canada is as compromised and in jeapordy as western Europe is, by Islamic invaders. There will be more to come in the near future. Please do stay tuned.

Sometime tomorrow, I will be adding a proper context to this by the people at PDB. Come back and check please.

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