Important interview with Finnish councilman, Jussi Halla aho

From International Free Press

Jussi was recently convicted by a Finnish court for what is tantamount to blasphemy of Islam. He is well spoken and lucid on the matter of the loss of freedom of speech due to Islam and leftism in Europe. This is an important interview. It is also good to know that Europe has another Geert Wilders type politician. Well worth the 23 minutes to watch.

James Cohen for IFPS

Link: Jussi Alla-aho interview complete

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  1. Well, it seems to be the same story being repeated all over the world, doesn’t it? Everywhere Muslims are allowed to immigrate, they gather in parasitic (welfare) enclaves where the females are treated like reproductive property, cause all sorts of trouble in their host society, play offended and persecuted and progressively restrict freedom of speech, thereby preparing further victories for their self-righteous community. They then impose their mores and religious requirements on people of other religions while pushing for sharia, for their own community at first, to be extended to the rest of the country when their numbers, which they work feverishly to increase, allow. I say it is time to push back, and hard.

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