Amazing new discovery explains why no drawings of Mohamed are allowed.

This month, archaeologists who have been working diligently in the city of Medina formerly known as ‘Yathrib’ have uncovered startling evidence which may help to explain two peculiar things commonly held in Islam.

1. Why no image of Mohamed’s face may ever be drawn or displayed anywhere and 2. why all forms of seafood are considered allowable despite the fact that the food rules in Islam are loosely plagiarized from Judaism, where shellfish are considered out of bounds.

Scientists unearthed this startling ‘carved from life’ bust of Mohamed found deep in one of Islamdom’s first mosques deep underground….


Mohamed, now thought to actually be a kind of blob fish.

Graphics done by KGS over at Tundra with many thanks

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17 Replies to “Amazing new discovery explains why no drawings of Mohamed are allowed.”

  1. wow.jews suck. that’s all. islam sucks too..but anyone who puts their own religion over anothers and thinks they are better because of it is fucking retarded…that would be all of you jews christians and islamists.

  2. you all of you are just a big ignorants , you know nothing about the prophet mohamed so how could you allow yourself to say such barbarities!!!!!

  3. Well, lets see what we know, that we all can agree on.
    #1. He married a six year old and had various forms of sex with her except vaginal, which he had with her when she was nine.
    #2 he personally murdered something like 700 Jewish men, and raped the wives and mothers of some at will, taking one or more to be his ‘wife’ so it would be OK.
    #3 He took by force the entirety of the Arabian peninsula during his life time slaughtering and forcably converting people as he went.
    #4 he ended the practice of adoption so he could marry his adopted son’s wife leaving a legacy of orphans beyond belief.

    How is that for openers?

  4. your 1 and 2 and 4 points are entirely false, i dont want to answer because it would take me 30 min to explain this, but just an advise… plz go read more and thing more before adopting any futilies as this ideas, and just a question: do you have something to do in your life exept making this blogs?? because i think if the islam is such bad religion and the prophet mohamed is such a bad person why you are wasting all this time energy attaquing him?
    the truth is that everybody is scared from this religion because it increasing very fast, and now is the religion of 1 from 4 persons in the world.
    search more, thing more and stop attaquing and try to respect other people..

  5. jews/muslims and christians are the same … force their religions on to others and go about killing people … If heaven is so great and God is so good why are jews/muslims and christians all scared to DIE but kill others, or brainwash their followers to kill themselves and others? … Only buddhism should be allowed on the globe, all other religions banned!

  6. Hi,

    My name is Dave Arsene and I am from San Francisco/California. I am trying to get some help for few Christian families who are currently suffering in Muslim countries such as Pakistan. I come from Pakistan and have been in US for a long time, most of my family still resides in Pakistan. As we all are aware of the current political situation and especially current situation of Christians in Pakistan, who are being raped, murdered and forced to accept Islam. Majority of innocent Christians have no resources to protect them or rather afraid to speak up for their freedom.

    As I come from a respectful Christian family from Pakistan, I would like to get involved in
    this matter and ask your support and help to escalate this mater to all the organizations
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    Dave Arsene

  7. these things play from jwesh peopoles .. so this no good a faier from them because the nuslems respect all the relgions . we are sorry about them they will die someday . the god is so near to see them and see thier crimes on palastine . thank you to god.

  8. I find it hysterical how Muslims claim to respect all religions while in the same breath insist on the murder of all people who do not convert to Islam, or submit to Islamic rule in the absolute. Above you say (and very badly)

    “because the nuslems respect all the relgions ”

    Please cite me even ONE historical example of that. Do you mean when the Taliban destroyed the stone budhas? When Muslims sacked and burned every temple from ancient egypt to modern India? To the destruction of all holy sites of the Jews in Gaza and the West bank when they had the chance? Muslims love their double speak. It is was and remains the most intolerant ideology in history. Even the Nazis liked music and art. The Soviets allowed for a little dancing from time to time. Muslims lie and kill. Th th th th th that’s all folks.

  9. Islam may be the number one religion because more and more people are dumbing over and out everyday. Muslims are filthy smelly creatures and will one day be destroyed. Iran is about to be eviscerated and vaporized off the face of the earth, Iraq and Afghanistan are turning into boneyards, so that makes me happy. Israel is the only country with any consciousness and honor over in the Middle East and I’m not Jewish. Though I do respect Israel because they are stuck smack dab in the center of the most smelliest countries in the world. And talk about the bully picking on the little guy, these filthy Islamic dustbowls attack Israel every chance they get, fcking cowards. Every Muslim man shall be tortured by me whilst I sit on the left side of Our Lord Satan. Their entrails shall be strung up on trees and fences, and their pubic hair shall be pulled out with pliars. This will be the day when all non-Muslim people shall rise up against the tyranny of the fcking disgusting Islamic religion and it’s deli-smelling followers. We must purify America and Europe of Muslims and Islam. I call on all those of true heathen blood and those who despise Islam to burn ALL mosques to aske, and piss on the smoldering carnage, torture ALL Muslim men and de-program ALL Muslim women and children. If they refuse, hold them until they give up the fight. We then must take ALL Muslim countries off the map and turn them into amusement parks and parking lots. Lastly, ALL religion shall be abolished for it causes too many wars and grudges. The prophet Muhammad the Swine or blobfish was a tyrant, pedophilic, angry small penised man who had to make up for what he had in his pants by waging wars, raids and rapes. This is why he hated women, because they mocked him of his penis size. I agree with everyone on this board EXCEPT the Muslims and thbeir sympathizers. Check out or .net, its one of the two. Islam must destroyed along with ALL Muslims, spill the blood of the swines!!!! I EXPECT NO LESS!!!!!

  10. Say, why don’t you post those nice pics about peaceful islamists beheading people, shooting young women in Afghanistan and many other refreshing pictures showing the stuff Islam is made of?

  11. Margo we do every day here. Now and again I like to mock Islam a little instead of regurgitating the daily horror that defines Islam. You happened to pick one of those rare posts. I suggest you read through this site a little more. Glad you found us.


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