The Path to 911. Clinton scenes restored.

This is a gripping bit of drama. The recreation of events leading up to 9-11. The 911 commission reports where used as well as other documents to explain how all this could have happened. I will post one disc per day for three days till they are all up here. Truly, this is excellent viewing. Get some popcorn and or a beer or two and enjoy this one full screen. If anyone feels they need more detail after watching this, consider buying Fred Burton’s most excellent book ‘Ghost’ about among other things, the capture of Ramsey Yussef.

It is also worth noting, that when ABC made this, Bill Clinton forced them to remove certain scenes that were embarrassing to his administration. This version has all those scenes restored.

Link: Pathto911disk1

Link: Pathto911disk02

Link: Pathto911disk03

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