Ottawa cabbie ‘pleases’ passenger with a ‘friendly’ kiss

From the Ottawa Citizen

An Ottawa taxi driver who was found guilty of sexual assault in May is to appear in court this month for sentencing. Assistant Crown attorney John Ramsay argues that Hassan Jabar Majli ‘ abused a position of trust when he took advantage of a female passenger in June, 2007. The unidentified victim has testified that the driver, upon dropping her at her destination, followed her into the apartment block, grabbed and kissed her as she tried to get into the elevator. She also testified that Majli put his hands up her skirt and digitally penetrated her as she tried to flee through a stairway.

Majli testified that he believed the woman had asked for a kiss and said he ‘offered’ her a ‘friendly’ kiss when he became worried she would complain to her boss that he didn’t ” please her”. Alan Brass, Majli’s lawyer argued that the cabbie, a married man with a young son, has led a respectable life since arriving in Canada from Kuwait. Majli maintains his innocence. He is to be sentenced August 18.

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  1. ACK, ACK, ACK!!! What the heck? How many times do we need to hear about sex-crazed cabbies before we realize who “they” are? No doubt there are people of every nationality/ religion that cross the line, but it seems to be really thick on one particular set. Skip the touchy-feely-be -careful-to -not-offend crap!! UGH!!! ENOUGH!!!

  2. I’ve been saying for years, deport the muzzies, nuke major Arab populations, bomb all the madrasses, and destroy the TV networks like Al Manar and Al Arabiya and the rest of them.

    I’m sick of these barbaric muslims.

  3. Call it like it is!

    It’s ISLAM that perpetuates these kinds of crimes. Don’t white-wash it, don’t PC it, and tell your MP’s, congressmen, representatives that you’ve had enough!!!

    I sure as hell have!

  4. Our (western) women are spoils of war, according to the korny-ran. It is the right of every muslim male to to rape, violate, sodomize, or do whatever they wish with the spoils of war, and women are the number one sought after spoil for these 7th century barbaric heathens. All muzzies believe that mo-mo the child rapist is the perfect example of what men should be… mo-mo married a 6 yr old child and “connsumated” the marrige when the child was 9 years old!

    What western govn’t in their right mind can’t see this is nothing about peace, but an ever lasting conquest aimed at making islam the only religion on earth? No worries though. after our PC dhimwhit leaders hand the reigns of our way of life over to these barbarians the war wont stop… after all, each sect of islam believes they are the “true following” of islam, so after all infidels are killed they will begin warring amongst themselves in an attempt to obtain dar-al-islam, and a global caliphate.

    Wake the hell up people, and send these stone-age sons-a-bitches back to where they belong!

  5. final post in this thread- could admin please add an “edit post” feature to the comment section? (I wouldn’t have had to post 2x as my thoughts continued)


  6. ACK, ACK, ACK!!! We know who the they are. How many times do we need to hear about sex-crazed cabbies before we realize? As long as it takes. No touchy-feely-be-careful-not-to-offend crap here. Enough.

  7. This site is called “Vlad Tepes”…impale him through the rectum in the town square. Let it be known that this is what happens to muslims who get out of line. Those who complain can be impaled right next to him.

    Pretend it is your daughter or mother who he took it upon himself to violate with his hand…think he wouldn’t have raped her with his penis given half the chance? Think again. Impale him. I will do it. Give me immunity and I will show you the correct way of dealing with bullies and rapists. I will bayonet his f*cking as* upon first sight. Give me immunity. I will put a sword through his guts. Give me immunity. Give me immunity. He will scream just like poor Nick Berg screamed as they beheaded him. Give me immunity and I will show the men-who-think-like-women how to protect your womenfolk.

  8. To the Islamics, all women who are not subjugated to their ideology are fair game – as one mufti in Australia put it: equal to uncovered meat left out for the dogs (he used the word ‘cats’ to ostensibly soften the insult, but you can bet your life the original metaphor was closer to canine than feline).

    Not only that, they think they are superior to us and our laws (which they flout with impunity) and our limp-dick governments run around in circles trying not to offend them.

    How and when did we become so spineless?

  9. Bobby is right. Give the guy a break. Shoot, if you were raised on the Koran – I’ve read it – and on the words of Islamic clerics, and by the examples of their prophet, you’d be more understanding of why Muslims think they’re intitled to any woman not another man’s wife. Like the Aussie cleric said, Western women are like scraps of meat on the street for the crows to help themselves to. We need to accept Islam as a peaceful and wonderful and tolerant religion and just leave Muslims to their own devises, or else we’re being intolerant and bigoted and not-so-wonderful ourselves, which then gets us what we deserve, to be blown to bits or beheaded.

  10. Correction: Heidifromoz, you’re right, the Aussie cleric did say “cats,” and I think it was the cleric in Egypt who said “crows” when referring to the Western tourists in Cairo. Still, it was nice of them not to use the word “dogs,” because as we all know from Mohammed’s teachings, dogs are filthy animals worthy of only protecting your property. Now excuse me while I take a nap using my camel’s ass as a pillow.

  11. I would like to add an ‘edit’ function for the comments, but I have no idea how. If anyone would like to hip me to a URL with directions I would be happy to oblige. Also, I do like the enthusiasm of this thread. I would like to offer a rebuttal to a point that has not actually been made. So I will make it myself.
    Western non Islamic peoples also have rapists and abusers of people weaker than themselves. Whether you are sexually forcing yourself on a woman or robbing a frail older person or whatever. There are two important distinctions however. 1. In western society, this is an exception while in Islam it is a rule. This distinction is critical. In debates I have with people, they are constantly failing to distinguish between the exception and the rule, citing over and over again, the murder of a handful of abortion doctors as if that negates the horror of over twelve thousand Islamic terrorist attacks.
    2. Even if it was the same thing, just because one of the 6 kids in my family may be a criminal or a delinquent, does not oblige me to invite the criminals and delinquents of all other families to come live with us.

  12. I see you are using wordpress, same as I use. I’m currently looking through the possible addins and widgets to see if there is something to allow posters to edit their own comments within X amount of time.

    If I find something I’ll use your contact info and send it off.


  13. There are several interesting aspects to this story, detailing the mental condition of the taxi driver. (1) Cabbie believes that pleasing a woman involves sexual aggression, (2) Cabbie believes that if he were to treat a woman with respect, she would complain, and (3) Cabbie assumes that a woman would want to be, groped, pawed, kissed and fingered by a stranger.

    Another thing to note: Cabbie’s lawyer downplayed this incident, referring to it as rather benign, a non-crime because there was no ‘violence’. Are we then to assume that had Cabbie bludgeoned her, shot her, or beat her while fondling a ‘real’ crime would have occurred? Also, being drunk is not an invitation for sexual assault any more than a mini skirt is. Let’s face it: Cabbie thought he could get a bit o’ ass in before his shift ended. Pig.

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