Canada’s sanctimony reaches to the bowels of its culture

Here are two signs I have seen in bathrooms in Canadian public buildings this month. The first, at the Canadian War Museum Ottawa Canada:

IMG_0138So, I wonder how much additional pollution, labour and raw resources were required to create a separate intake for the toilets instead of just using the existing municipal water supply already installed? after all I am certain that the flushed water was sent to the municipal sewer as dumping your raw sewage into the river breaks all kinds of laws. So really, this is an exorcise in pure self righteousness as you are merely taking in water from another source, cleaning it somewhat, putting feces into it (no less by the way, where the actual pollution is) and then into the normal sewer. But still, this isn’t as annoying as the sign above the toilet at Bridgehead, the coffee shop chain which stinks of sanctimony.

IMG_0181This one is a bit hard to read. (Picture was taken with an iphone) so here is what it says:

“This dual flush toilet uses substantially less water than conventional toilets. Press the half-full circle to use less water (3 litres) to flush. Press the full circle to use more water to flush. (6 litres)”

To my American readers the Metric measurements alone I’m sure are infuriating enough. But the same questions apply. How much raw additional resources required for this special toilet and has it not occurred to anyone that none of these devices actually reduce the amount of excrement going into the sewers by as much as one milligram? Using less water means less work for municipal employees, I get that hell Im all about eliminating as many cushy overpaid government jobs as we can, but please do not pretend that by having special toilets you do anything to reduce the amount you excrete. Why not just spread the crap around the cement patio at Bridgehead and wait for stuff to grow out of it? Then you can eliminate toilets altogether.

If they made a sign that says “Please pollute less. Only shit half as much” I could at least respect the honesty and maybe the humour of it.

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