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2 Replies to “Geert Wilders in Sweden talks about PVV policies.”

  1. Kudos to Geert and wish for him great success; and a safe journey as he implements ‘change’; and restores the Netherlands to political and ‘cultural’ sanity.

    The threat; of course; is not just ‘owned’ by the Netherlands; and if Wisdom prevails; more will take to heart; his message; and like Geert; find the courage to meet this challenge. It IS an evil one in fact; and it threatens the lives; the well-being; and the future of all fair-minded people; as it threatens future generations as well; no matter where they call ‘home’.

    America is my home; and so regret, that at this time; our Leadership has NO such ‘courage’ or even inclinations to such; relative to this issue. All to say; a pathetic reality that does not bode well for ‘we the people’. . .

  2. All our support to Geert! I grew up in Holland and saw a lot of the problems that he’s talking about, they are very real, as well as in North America.

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