To the women of Iran

Today in Ottawa, local talk radio host Lowell Green devoted his program to the women of Iran. The ongoing protests on the streets of Tehran continue to make headline news around the world, with swelling numbers of Iranian women leading the charge against the oppressive regime.  This was a very important show as Green called upon Canadian women to phone in with words of encouragement, support and solidarity; to stand shoulder to shoulder with the hundreds of courageous women who continue to protest in sheer defiance of the many mullahs, clerics and ayatollahs in the name of freedom and reform.  His phone lines were jammed with callers offering support.

Canadian women have been given the opportunity to express support directly to the women of Iran. Increasingly the young women of Iran are at the vanguard of this protest and as Mr. Green says, “these women are the new face of Iran”. I urge you to listen to this broadcast and to send these words of encouragement to as many people as possible, particularly to those in Iran who are struggling against tremendous odds.

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