jdamn, The Force of Reason and a fantastic movie.

Readers of Vlad will know that we had writing for us the razor sharp and well known writer, readers of Jihad Watch will know as jdamn. She has moved on already to greener pastures at her own new blog http://theforceofreason.com/ So let me be the first to congratulate her and wish her will and advise all readers of Vlad to check her out starting with a film she posted there called ‘Idiocracy’. I have only watched the first few minutes but it looks like its going to be on my top ten favorite movies list already and I plan to make this my evenings entertainment. idiocracyDirect link is here. Film is right under the poster. Enjoy! and thanks again jdamn for your contributions here. We hope to read you more in the comments and congrats on the new blog. I’ll be checking it every day.

Eeyore for Vlad

OK fantastic may be a little strong an adjective for this film. But it does do a good job of illustrating the old saw …

‘In the land of the blind; the one eyed man is king’

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