On police in Holland, Canada and frankly anywhere in the west now.

Below is a rather excellent article showing the true workings and agenda of police departments when it comes to dealing with immigrant crimes in western nations. In Canada and I believe many parts of the US the police have a term. It’s called ‘FIDO’. An acronym for ‘Fuck It And Drive On. This term is used when police see an immigrant gang committing a crime against indigenous people in Canada (in this case indigenous means white) and realize that the cost of doing what police are meant to do is too high. Likely the officers will be accused of racism so they ignore the crime in progress and face investigations and problems far in excess of what the criminals would face had they been charged. One Ottawa police officer actually killed himself when faced with these charges. This has become standard operating procedure in much of Europe and North America to the point where police are as likely to act against the victims actively as we see in Scandinavia instead of merely failing to protect victims of crime as in FIDO. Below see a story from the Netherlands showing how police lose evidence, provide bureaucratic obstacles to enforcing laws and other more pernicious means of failing to enforce the laws.

NIS News Bulletin
Leading Newspaper Involves Moroccans in Rejecting ‘their’ Crime
THE HAGUE, 13/12/08 – De Telegraaf, the country’s biggest newspaper, continues to draw attention to the problem of Moroccan teen criminals. On Friday, the newspaper chose the angle of a Moroccan entrepreneur alleging that the government is too politically correct to act against his criminal countrymen.

Jamal Jaadan (33), a Dutch-Moroccan businessman in the Amsterdam suburb of Weesp, has sounded the alarm, De Telegraaf reported. “Thirty young Moroccan delinquents are terrorising Weesp, but the politicians from the flower-power generation think that these louts can be guided back to the straight and narrow with a little pressure. And that is rubbish! Judiciary, cabinet, police: protect society from these scum,” Jaadan says in the newspaper.

De Telegraaf has been hammering away for some months about the problems caused in the cities by Moroccan teenagers. The newspaper seemed to wish to make it clear on Friday that the passivity of the government, apparently to prevent the stigmatisation of the entire Moroccan community, is also criticised by Moroccans – at least some of them.

Jaadan’s snack bar has been burgled three times this year. In one case, his entire safe was removed from the premises via the roof. In another, the snack bar was totally demolished. “No action was taken,” said Jaadan. “The police claimed they had lost the videotape showing the perpetrators. When the safe was stolen, I knew exactly where they should look for the thieves. The Moroccan community is like a village in itself. I gave the detectives the names, addresses, everything”. But the police made no efforts at all.

“At a certain point, I put one of the suspects in my car and said, listen! Everyone knows you were involved. Tell the police about it now and your sentence will be reduced. I arrived at the police station with the boy and they told me they had no time for us! Later, a statement was taken after all. But the case was closed. Lack of evidence. What sort of signal do you give these louts with this weak attitude?”

Jaadan did stress in De Telegraaf that 90 percent of the Moroccans in Weesp do not cause him complaints. “It is not a question of nuisance; that is something many youngsters cause. It is these criminals and the influence they have on the younger children. They are the ones who treat all their Moroccan friends to kebab after committing a theft. It gives them status. All these flower power politicians should realise that ‘joining in’ is something these louts have no wish to do.”

“These problems must simply be named and tackled. I do not want my children to be called Moroccan with a negative intonation right up until the next century. We are Dutch and we too are fed up with these criminals.”

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