Email exchange between a muslim reader of Vlad and myself.

This I suspect is somewhat revealing of the problem. I got an email from a presumably Muslim reader of the blog which contained some questions for Christians. The idea is to mock Christian mythos the way Muslims see it. Below are the questions from the original emails but don’t bother with them all unless you want to, as just the first few give the idea so skip to the end where the email exchange begins if you like.  I believe he is not using his real name so I will do him the courtesy of changing it for him again as I have no desire to interfere with anyone’s anonymity. I shall just call him ‘Mohamed’….

From Mohamed’s first email…

118 questions for christians (enjoy it)

118 Questions to ask Christians

1) Why is the Christian god Unjust? (He killed an innocent
sinless person for guilty sinful people).

2) Why can’t the Christian god forgive people without having
to kill an innocent man?

3) Why is the Christian god so hateful? (He killed his own
son, let him be killed).

4) Why is the Christian god (i.e. Jesus) suicidal? (He killed himself).

5) If Jesus committed suicide doesn’t that make him sinful and
not sinless?

6) Why is Jesus the most sinful of all? (He took upon everyone’s sins).

7) Why can’t Jesus be sinful?

8) How can he not be capable of being sinful or if he was
sinful can’t take away his own sins, yet he can take away other
people’s sins?

9) Why did god tell the Jews he’s one, then change his mind
1000 years later tell Christians he’s a trinity?

10) Will the Christian god change his mind again and become 9 in
1 god in the future?

11) Why didn’t the Christian god tell the Jews about the trinity?

12) If everyone will go to hell for not believing in the
trinity, then will the Jews go to hell for not believing in the

13) Why isn’t the trinity Logical? (It doesn’t make sense).

14) How can people believe in the trinity if they don’t understand it?

15) If we don’t need to understand the trinity and we need to
just believe, then why did god give us a brain?

16) Why is it forgivable to insult the father and son, but not
the Holy Spirit?

17) Why was the Holy Ghost called that then changed to Holy Spirit?

18) Why is the Christian god Sexist? (He had a son, not a daughter).

19) Why is the Christian god Racist? (His son is white, not
black or Chinese).

20) Is marry considered one of god’s children? (If yes, answer
questions 12, 13).

21) If Jesus is god, then she’s his daughter; so does that mean
Marry is the mother of god and his wife, too? (Incest).

22) If god impregnated Marry, does that mean he impregnated his
daughter, who is his wife and mother at the same time?

23) If Jesus is god, does that mean he impregnated Marry and had himself?

24) How can he beget himself, if he wasn’t born yet?

25) If god has no beginning and no end, then why was Jesus born,
being born means he had a beginning and if he died, means he had an

26) If the Christian god is holy, how did he become a man (Unholy)?

27) If the Christian god is all knowing, why did Jesus say he
doesn’t know when the hour is?

28) If god is all powerful, why did Jesus claim “I can of my own
self do nothing”?

29) Why do people claim Jesus saves, when Jesus himself said “I
can of my own self do nothing”?

30) Why does the anti-Christ have the number 666 as his sign,
why not 555, or 222, etc.?

31) If the number 666 is his sign, does that mean he’s 222 times
better than the Christian god, since your god is 3?

32) If god wants everyone to believe in him, why didn’t he make
everyone understand the trinity?

33) Why would he send us to hell for a concept we are not
capable of understanding?

34) If god is not “The author of confusion” then why did he make
such a confusing concept such as the trinity?

35) Why are we born with original sin, if I didn’t commit the
sin? (Adam, never asked me, therefore it’s not my fault).

36) Why do Christians always blame Eve for the original sin and
not Adam as well? (This is sexist).

37) Why is the Christian god Sexist, He gave women birth pain
for her original sin?

38) Was Jesus born with original sin?

If yes then he’s isn’t sinless.

If no then why not, I thought he was man?

39) Why don’t Christians worship Like Jesus? (By falling on their face).

40) Why don’t Christians get circumcised like Jesus?

41) Why don’t Christians grow their beards like Jesus?

42) Why do Christians eat pork, when Jesus didn’t eat pork?

43) Why don’t Christian women cover up like Marry, but instead
do the opposite and wear revealing cloth?

44) Why do Christians follow Jesus when he didn’t come for them,
but only came for the Jews?

45) Why do Christians love and befriend the Jews when the Jews
hate, reject and say Jesus is in hell?

46) Why do Christians hate Muslims and fight them, yet they
love, respect Jesus and accept Jesus and say he’s in paradise?

47) If Jesus is god, why did he spend 3 days in hell?

48) If Jesus was good, why did he spend 3 days in hell?

49) How can Jesus (The Christian god) be in hell if he was god
and all good?

50) Who was taken care of creation if the Christian god was dead
for 3 days?

51) Why does the Christian god need a son? (Sons are there to
inherit the father, is this case with Jesus).

52) If Jesus gets married does that mean that the Christian will
have a daughter in law who is his wife?

53) If Jesus gets married and has Children does that mean the
Christians god has Children or has Grand children?

54) If Jesus and god is one and the same thing, how can Jesus be
sitting on the right hand of himself?

55) If Jesus and god are one and the same, who was Jesus praying to then?

56) If Jesus and god are one and the same, why is the father and
Holy Ghost are spirit and Jesus flesh and blood? (This means they are
different, and not one in the same).

57) Where does Jesus say “I am god” or “Worship me”?

58) Why isn’t the word trinity found in the bible?

59) Why isn’t the word bible found in the bible?

60) Why isn’t the word Christian not found in the bible?

61) Why isn’t eh word Christianity not found in the bible?

62) Why didn’t Jesus come right out and explain the trinity plainly?

63) What will happen to those who lived before Jesus and the Crusifiction?

64) When Jesus came down and allegedly sacrificed himself for
the sins of those who believe in him, what about those who weren’t
there, what about those who were in china Australia and the American
Indians in N. America?

65) Why didn’t he come down to people in those places mentioned
in the previous question at the same time, so they can know what is
going on?

66) Why isn’t the amount of punishment Jesus allegedly received
not compatible with the amount of sins he supposedly took on from all
who believe in him? (The punishment he received was way too short and
way too easy, where as the sins are so numerous and many are heinous).

67) Why did Jesus abuse animal? (He put demons into pigs).

68) Why did Jesus abuse plant life, by making that tree parish?

69) If Jesus was god and he was all knowing, why didn’t he know
that the fig tree didn’t produce anything because it’s out of season?
(i.e. Mark 11:13).

70) Why did Jesus insult gentiles by calling them dogs? (This is rude).

71) What’s up with all the foot washing? (Jesus washing feet,
sounds kind of gross and creepy (i.e. foot fetish perhaps)).

72) Why is Christian heaven so boring, it is too spiritual? (All
you do is sit there and praise god, forever and ever and ever).

73) Why does John 1:1 say that god had a beginning? (Doesn’t god
have any beginning)?

74) Why does John 1:1 claim that the word existed before god?
(Wasn’t god the first and the last)?

75) If Christians love Jesus So much, why do they want him to
die so badly?

76) If Christians want Jesus to die so badly for their sins,
doesn’t that mean they are selfish and want him to suffer instead of
them? (i.e. they love themselves more than they love Jesus).

77) People get baptized to wash their sins, so why did Jesus
need to be baptized? (Wasn’t he sinless)?

78) Aren’t more holy people supposed to perform the baptism on
sinful people, and then does that mean that John was more holy than

79) When Jesus was being Crucified, he was yelling out “My god,
my god, why have u forsaken me”?

80) When Jesus yelled out “My god, my god, why have u forsaken
me”, was he yelling at himself or god? (How can he yell at himself)?

81) If Jesus wanted to be sacrificed as a lame for the sins of
mankind, why did he yell out “My god, my god, why have u forsaken me”?
(It doesn’t sound like he did it voluntarily).

82) Why do Christians allow homosexual priests?

83) Why do Christian Churches allow gay marriages? (Bible
forbids homosexuality).

84) Why do Christian Churches forbid marrying more than one
wife? (Bible doesn’t forbid Polygamy).

85) When homosexuals get married, what does the priest say “You
are now husband and husband” or “you are now wife and wife”?

86) If Christianity says Love your enemy and turn the other
cheek, why don’t Christians ever do this?

87) Why didn’t the Christian god suddenly comedown 2000 years
ago and not before that?

88) Why do Christians believe in the words of Paul, Luke, mark,
etc? Who never met Jesus?

89) Why do Christians include the OT in their bible yet reject
the rules in there?

90) Why do Christians accept the 10 commandments yet reject the
laws mentioned if anyone breaks them? (If one accepts the 10
commandments, you should accept and implement the punishment for
breaking them).

91) Why don’t Christians cut off their hands when they sin like
Jesus commanded according to Matthew 5:30?

92) If Christianity is the truth, why are there so many versions
of the bible?

93) If Christians are peaceful, why did Christians create the
atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb?

94) If Christians are peaceful, why do so many Christians commit Crimes?

95) If Christians are peaceful, why did they have WW I and WWII?

96) When Christians have abortions, are they following what
there god has done, which is kill his own child?

97) If Christians claim that they have a personal relationship
with god, then why do they have to go to a confection booth to a
priest to confess their sins, why can’t they go straight to god?

98) Why do the Christians and Jews fight each other in terms of
belief, yet believe in the same book? (OT).

99) Why did the Christian god (i.e. Jesus), kill so many people
in the OT?

100) Why did the Christian god (i.e. Jesus), kill so many people
in the OT then change his mind in the NT and Become all nicey, nicey?

101) Why is Christianity an incomplete religion? (It doesn’t have
all the answers, and doesn’t cover all aspects of life).

102) Why do Christians call Jesus king of the Jews, when he was
never there king and ever ruled over them?

103) Why does the Christian religion sound so violent, it has so
much blood, torture and killing of innocent people for guilty people?

104) Why does Christianity very similar to the old pagan beliefs?

105) If the Christians god became a man, does that mean, he had
private parts, nipples, and a digestive system, where he urinated and

106) If Jesus is god and he donates blood, what happens to those
who get his blood?

107) If Jesus has children; Are his Children gods as well or are
they just quarter of a god?

108) Since Jesus according to Christians was god and was
circumcised, does that mean the Christian god has some for skin thrown
somewhere here or there?

109) Why do babies born with the original sin go to hell if they
don’t accept Jesus or get baptized? (They haven’t done anything, they
are not old enough to know that they should accept Jesus).

110) If Noah’s flood was worldwide, how did Noah get all the
animals in Australia?

111) If god is called YHWH then why didn’t Jesus call himself YHWH?

112) If god is called YHWH then why didn’t the person being
crucified on the cross call on YHWH? (He yelled out, “Eli, Eli why
have u forsaken me”).

113) How can Christians call god all mighty and all powerful if he
rested on the 7th day after creating the Universe?

114) Why does the bible says to kill non-virgins on their wedding
night? (Deuteronomy 22:20-21).

115) Why do Christians have the old boring different versions of
the bible, while Muslims have the fun 72 virgins?

116) Why does the bible ask Christians to kill people?
(Deuteronomy 17:2-5 NLT, 2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB)

117) How can the bible be from an all loving god when it has so
much violence in it?

118) Why is a woman in Christianity oppressed, because she can’t
get a divorce?

please understand that islam is only true religion.
common embrace the religion of peace.

allah hafiz

Below is my reply to this:

who gives a shit? you want to have a war based on who’s myths make more sense? are you fucking crazy? All this crap is nonsense Muslim Jew and Christian. The difference is Christians aren’t blowing everyone up all over the place for theirs.

Mohamed replied to me thusly:

Fuck you , you Bastard,the only only country in the world who has her
finger up every one,s ass is your Christian America , and it is her
who is responsible for all the mess we are all in now, and then crazy
fuckers like you who lick USA and Israel,s ass by spreading
Islamophobia by blaming the Muslims,don,t forget the golden rule = for
every action there is and will be a reaction.

Well of course I had to respond to that..

America is secular democracy not to be confused with an Islamic Sharia state where no one has rights except Muslim men and usually not even them.

Muslims in the USA are better off than Muslims in any other nation on earth but I suspect you already know that which is why you are likely there already or somewhere sort of like it.

Same can be said of Israel. Arab Muslims have equal rights in Israel with anyone else. Muslims sit in the Israeli parliament as well as the supreme court. The same cannot be said of Jews or Christians in Islamic nations. Also, Israel is one six hundred and fiftieth of the middle east. The rest is all Islamic. Don’t be such a baby about it.

Lastly you confuse the golden rule, which was a Christian idea, with a principle of Newtonian Physics developed by Sir Isaac Newton, another Christian. Yes both are excellent thoughts, the idea that all actions create an opposite and equal reaction (a principle that scientific secular thought which developed in Christian Europe) and the golden rule, ‘Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself’ Something the Islamic world failed to recognize since the time of the warlord Mohammed who attacked and killed everyone he could that stood between him and his ambitions.

Thanks for the reply though. But really who gives a shit about the inadequacies in Christianity? they are the ones sending medical relief supplies and trained personnel to treat the victims of Islam and its actions. Even if all their religion is utter nonsense what it produces is what counts.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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