Bruce Bawer on Dutch anti gay activities by Muslims

Bruce manages to decrypt a Dutch government report on violence against gay people in Holland. I would like to ask one thing though before you read his report.

Even if the Dutch report is accurate and there is no chicanery of any kind, just because there is one delinquent in your family does that mean you have to allow the delinquents of every other family to come live with you?

On to Bruce Bawer’s excellent article. If you have not read his book While Europe Slept get it and read it and buy copies for your friends this Christmas

Eeyore for Vlad

November 24,
2008 (6:59 P.M., CET): 
For years, gay-bashing has been on the rise in Amsterdam.  It's
well known 
among Dutch gays
that young immigrant-group men 
are disproportionately responsible for these
attacks (the great majority of which go unreported). 
There's no
need for any study to prove this:
the anecdotal evidence is immense.  In
the last couple of years, there have been several high-profile – and
increasingly audacious – assaults on gay people, and routinely the
perpetrators have been young Muslim men.  It's obviously no
coincidence that the perceived climb in gay-bashings over the last
decade has seemed to track the increase in Amsterdam's Muslim
population during the same period.  (Meanwhile, the proportion of
ethnic Dutch Amsterdammers has declined steadily.)

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2 Replies to “Bruce Bawer on Dutch anti gay activities by Muslims”

  1. Why does no one fight back? There is nothing to sneaking up behind a target and using a bat on their knees or their head. Even a flaming queen could do that! (I recommend the knees, as it may permanently cripple without killing)

  2. Most believe it hasnt come to the point where people need to carry weapons. This jihad is clever. always do enough but never too much. Also, there is a REAL danger that if you are caught with a weapon your own government will punish the indigenous victims much more harshly than they will the Muslim invaders. The evidence for this is overwhelming especially in Scandinavia.
    A lady friend of mine lives in Denmark. She tells me the girls there have an expression for when they go out at night. “Take a cab or take a knife”
    Im gonna guess they should take a knife anyway. I have a good guess as to who the cabbies are.

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