And Allah Knows Best: Men Are Better Than Women

According to fatwa number 43252 at the Islam Questions and Answers online site, men are better than women. And Allah Knows Best. A young woman wrote in to the site with a query regarding the superiority of men over women in Islam; a gutsy move on her behalf to say the least. She was shut down with this fatwa.

Equality between men and women should be a human, cultural virtue that is able to transcend time, geography, ethnicity, tradition and religious dogma. Unfortunately, as long as Islamic ‘scholars’ continue to hand down such extreme and backward rulings, women and girls will continue to suffer great injustice, oppression and violence throughout the world. Those who insist upon maintaining sanctioned misogyny as a respectable aspect of the human condition should be outcast and legitimately rejected for the stunted, sexist fools they are.

And……… Allah doesn’t know best.


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