Lets play Haram and Halal! maybe the artistic community should pay special attention

Some weeks ago one of our writers, Grace, send me this article on what is allowed (Halal) and forbidden (Haram) in Islam as practiced to varying degrees certainly but the rules are consistent within Islam

As the artistic community tends to be overwhelmingly left wing (fashion is aways more important than reality don’t ya know) I thought it might be worth mentioning a few highlights from this article linked above.

#16 drinking wine.

I know what one should scare most artists into taking communion several times a day.

#25 includes dancing among many other things some of which on the surface at least are arguably reasonable and shared by most nations although probaby should not be.

# 32. Working as dancers and musicians.

(I think artists may want to take a sober second look at multiculturalism and consider life as a goat herd before they waste much more of their time displaying their moral superiority on matters Islamic.)

At the end of a fairly long and self contradictory list of whats forbidden there is this paragraph:

“Haram acts are the plague and the greatest danger threatening the life of both the individual and society. Only by steering clear of them, can humankind protect and preserve their body and soul from decay and perfidy.

Medical, social and psychological studies have recently uncovered the grave dangers caused by the haram. Astonishing figures are emerging from research institutes, about the crimes, ailments andanomalous phenomena and cases in the communities that have dropped the concepts of halal and haram from their behaviour. Such statistics showhow urgent it is and necessary to set to work in saving the human race and finding a way out of the predicament in which they wallow, after discarding the divine values and yielding to the bestial way of life.They should return to the straight path of Allah, which is the proof of the Almighty’s kindness, mercy and generosity.”

It’s odd that no mention is made of the medical consequences of strapping a bomb to oneself and detonating it in a crowded location. I suspect a good 9 out of 10 doctors would agree this is highly risky behavior to ones good health. Although as it’s pretty much entirely Muslims that do it, at least the resultant hamburger is halal.

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  1. Not everyone who is interested in art, is a porn dancer, or a wine drinker you moron. And not every doctor, and engineer, knows his god and doesnt molest, have a big belly out of his greed, and compromise there fucking morals for ‘fitting with what money needs’.

    God….you are retarded.

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