Khawaja trial to proceed; Canadian Crown presents enough evidence

In June two articles appeared on this blog pertaining to Canadian Muhammed Momin Khawaja’s detainment and trial for his alleged involvement in a foiled terrorist plot in Britian. He has been charged with seven terrorism-related charges under Canada’s anti-terrorism legislation.

Although Mr. Khawaja’s defence lawyer Lawrence Greenspon had hoped all charges would be dropped against his client, Judge Douglas Rutherford determined otherwise, asserting the Crown had presented enough evidence for the trial to proceed.

For those interested in following the proceedings, here is a brief but susinct article which appeared in today’s edition of The National Post; ” Judge denies bid to quash Khawaja charges”.


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  1. Ya know, I think we are finally at the point where we can stop using the word, ‘Alleged’.
    He did it alright. Even his Lawyer is starting to use the “He meant to commit a different act of sedition against Canada!”

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