Canada proposes changes to multiculturalism

It appears that changes are proposed for Canada’s well entrenched multiculturalism policy. This past March, Canadian Heritage director general of multiculturalism and human right’s Andrew Griffith, suggested in a presentation to the Federal Security Advisory Board, that Canada’s shifting demographics would mean revisions are in order to a dysfunctional multiculturalism policy to combat religious extremism and advance core Canadian values for immigrants. 

He asked ” Are traditional government objectives (civic participation, anti-racism/cross cultural and inclusive institutions) enough to address radicalization or are radicalization-specific initiatives required?” The power-point presentation also included slides showing that Islam is the fastest growing religion in Canada and that the Middle East and Asia are, by far, the biggest source countries for immigrants.

Is the government of Canada finally recognizing the obvious trouble with Islam? And more importantly, is this a directive to take some concrete action against those Muslims who use Canada as prime real estate for promoting and ensuring sharia?

I fully expect the usual hue and cry from Canada’s jihadi element denouncing these potential revisions as mass islamophobia, marginalization, demonization, insensitivity, victimization and racism; the usual pap.

Find today’s Globe and Mail’s article here.


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  1. Wow! Maybe Canada can join the ranks of Denmark and Italy the only 2 nations I know of who have openly even hinted that Islam may be a threat to their cultures and ways of life. If Canada does this when the Islamic population is below 5% we may have a chance of not having a civil war with Islam as we see in France, the UK Sweden and many other Euro nations even as they race to dhimmitude.

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